Peel and boil four good sized potatoes; mash fine, and pour boiling water over them until of the consistency of gruel; let cool, add a yeast cake, and a little flour; let rise till light, then add one pint sweet milk, one and a half cups sugar, one-fourth cup (large measure) lard, a salt-spoon salt, a little nutmeg and cinnamon; stir in flour until stiff, let rise again, then add a half tea-spoon soda dissolved in a little milk, pour out on molding board, mix stiff enough to cut out, and roll to half an inch thickness; cut in long strips two inches wide and divide diagonally into pieces three inches long, set where it is warm, let rise on the board until light, and then fry. These do not cook through as easily as others, and it is safer to drop in one, and, by breaking it open, learn the time required for them to fry. A very nice variation of this recipe may be made as follows: Roll part of the dough about half an inch thick, cut into small biscuit, let rise, and when light, roll down a little, lay a few raisins rolled in cinnamon in the center, wet the edges by dipping the finger in cold water and passing it over them; draw them together and press firmly, and drop them in the hot fat. A tea-spoon of apple-butter or any kind of jam may be used instead of the raisins. When made with the raisins, they are the real German "Olly Koeks." - Mrs. J. L. H.,