Strawberry Acid

- Dissolve five ounces tartaric acid in two quarts of water, and pour it upon twelve pounds of strawberries in a porcelain kettle; let it simmer forty-eight hours; strain it, taking care not to bruise the fruit. To every pint of juice add one and one-half pounds of sugar and stir until dissolved, then leave it a few days. Bottle and cork lightly; if a slight fermentation takes place leave the cork out a few days. "Then cork, seal and keep bottles in a cold place.

Blackberry Wine

- To every gallon of bruised berries, add half a gallon of soft cold water; let stand twenty-four hours, then strain. To every gallon juice, add three pounds sugar; till a cask and let it remain without moving or shaking until it has fermented, which it will have done in six weeks. Put over the mouth of the cask a thin piece of muslin. When fermentation has ceased, draw off the wine and bottle without shaking the cask. Cork and seal.

Oat-Meal Cakes

Take equal parts fine oat-meal and water; mix and pour into a pan about one-third of an inch deep and bake half an hour, or until crisp and slightly brown; or make half an inch thick and bake soft like a johnny-cake; or if the oven is not hot enough to bake, pour it into a fry-ing-pan, cover it and bake it on the top of the stove, dishing it when brown on the bottom. It is not good cold. If any be left, warm it up and it is almost as good as new.

Oat-Meal Pie-Crust

This is made exactly like the dough for crackers; it may be rolled a very little thinner. It bakes quickly, so that care must be taken not to scorch it in cooking the contents of the pie. It is not suited for an upper crust, but does admirably for pies that require but one crust. It is just the thing for those who do not think shortened pie-crusts wholesome, and it is good enough for any one. One can eat it with as much impunity as so much oat-meal mush and fruit sauce.

Mutton Broth

- Put two pounds of mutton and two quarts cold water to boil, add one table-spoon rice washed carefully through several waters. Let it boil till the meat will leave the bone, and the rice is cooked to a liquid mass. Take from the fire, season with a little salt; skin, if preferred. If for a patient with flux leave on all the fat (the more fat the better).

This is also a nice way to make chicken broth. Take a chicken size of a quail and prepare as above.

Uncooked Egg

This is quite palatable, and very strengthening, and may be prepared in a variety of ways. Break an egg into a goblet and beat thoroughly, add a tea-spoon sugar, and after beating a moment add a teaspoon or two of brandy or port wine; beat well and add as much rich milk, or part cream and milk, as there is of the mixture. Or, omit brandy and flavor with any kind of spice; or, milk need not be added, or the egg may be beaten separately, stirring in lightly the well-whipped whites at the last.

Cracked Wheat Pudding

- To one quart new or unskimmed milk add one-third cup cracked wheat, same of sugar (or a little more if preferred), a little salt and small piece of stick cinnamon. Place in moderate oven and bake two hours or longer. When about half done stir in the crust already formed, and it will form another sufficiently brown. When done the wheat will be very soft, and the pudding of a creamy consistency. It can be eaten hot or cold, and is nice for invalids. A handful of raisins added is considered an improvement by some.