Crust Coffee

- Toast bread very brown, pour on boiling water, strain and add cream and sugar and nutmeg, if desired.

Cream Soup

- One pint boiling water, half tea-cup cream; add broken pieces of toasted bread and a little salt.

Wine Whey

- One pint of boiling milk, two wine-glasses of wine, boil a moment, stirring well; take out the curd, sweeten and flavor the whey.

Raspberry Relish

- To each pint of berry juice add one pound of sugar. Let it stand over night; next morning boil ten minutes, and bottle for use.

Parched Rice

- Cook in custard-kettle a half cup parched rice in one pint boiling salted water; when done serve with cream and sugar.

Alum Whey

- Mix half ounce powdered alum with one pint sweet milk,* strain and add sugar and nutmeg; it is good in hemorrhages, and sometimes for colic.

Sago Custard

- Soak two table-spoons sago in a tumbler of water an hour or more, then boil in same water until clear, and add a tumbler of sweet milk; when it boils, add sugar to taste, then a beaten egg and flavoring.

Baked Milk

- Bake two quarts milk for eight or ten hours in a moderate oven, in a jar covered with writing paper, tied down. It will then be as thick as cream., and may be used by weak persons.

Butter-Milk Stew

Boil one pint butter-milk, add small lump butter, and sweeten to taste. Some add a tea-spoon of ginger and honey instead of sugar.

Chicken Broth

- Take the first and second joints of a chicken, boil in one quart of water till very tender, and season with a very little salt and pepper.

Egg Gruel

Beat the yolk of an egg with a table-spoon of sugar, beating the white separately; add a tea-cup of boiling water to the yolk, then stir in the white, and add any seasoning; good for a cold.

Tamarind Whey

- Mix an ounce of tamarind pulp with a pint of milk, strain and sweeten. Or, simply stir a table-spoon of tamarinds into a pint of water.

How To Remove Grease From Broths For The Sick

After pouring in dish, pass clean white wrapping-paper quickly over the top of broth, using several pieces, till all grease is removed.

Sassafras Drink

- Take the pith of sassafras boughs, break in small pieces and let soak in cold water till the water becomes glutinous. This is good nourishment, and much relished.

Pearled Wheat Pudding

- One pint of wheat, one half gallon new milk, sweeten and flavor to taste, bake one hour. This is a delicious and simple pudding.

Raw Beef

Chop fresh, lean beef (the best steak or roast) very fine, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and put between thin slices of Graham or white battered-bread. This is a very nutritious diet.

Raw Beef Tea

Cut up lean, fresh meat, soak eight or ten hours in a small quantity of cold water. This is good after severe cases of typhoid fever.

A Self-Holder For A Spoon

In dropping medicine into a spoon, place the handle between the leaves of a closed book lying on the table, and then both hands may be used in dropping the mixture.

Sea-Moss Farine

Dessert-spoon of sea-moss farine, quart boiling water; steep a few minutes, sweeten and flavor with lemon (leaving out rinds). This is a very pleasant drink and is good for colds.