For a teacloth the crash should be in the widest width, and may be worked all over, or with simply a border, narrow or deep as desired; or a chessboard pattern-alternate squares of two contrasting colours, or two well-defined tints of the same, such as two china blues-is most pleasing and effective.

Workbags may be made in any size, from the large granny bag, which holds a huge curtain or the family mending, to the small travelling sac for the necessary thimble and cotton only. And the same sort of treatment holds good for each, though more work can be expended on the tiny ones, finer materials, and much gold thread.

A good size for an ordinary workbag is twelve inches by nine inches, and for design a border may be placed at the lower edge with a corresponding but narrower one at the upper edge. The body of the bag may be decorated in any simple and effective style, and, if desired, a monogram may be worked over all. The same sort of method may be used for embellishing a sachet for nightdress or pyjamas.

One and a quarter yards of twenty-inch material folded in three is the quantity required for this useful sachet, which should be lined with a colour to correspond with the material used for working, and may have initials or a monogram, well padded and worked in a satin-stitch, added if desired.

As to colouring, a combination of blue and white or red and white, or red and blue with a touch of orange, has an excellent effect, and a very narrow edging or coarse lace may be used for the feminine variety. The pyjama case should be made up quite plainly, or with at most a blanket-stitched edging.

For bazaars all the articles suggested will be found most saleable as well as profitable, the cost of materials being so small that a really substantial profit may be made gold thread forms the spider webs on everything, and many smaller and equally attractive objects will readily suggest themselves to the worker.

White flourishing thread is used to cover the lines of this glass cloth, stars and feather stitching making a good effect for bed spread squares

White flourishing thread is used to cover the lines of this glass cloth, stars and feather-stitching making a good effect for bed spread squares

Closely woven glass cloth should be chosen For a pincushion. Close green silk buttonhole stitching covers each line and washing

Closely woven glass cloth should be chosen For a pincushion. Close green silk buttonhole-stitching covers each line and washing

A stall furnished with glass cloth is an excellent investment for a bazaar, as it can be adapted to so many purposes, useful as well as ornamental. Cooking and gardening aprons, children's djibbahs and smocks, the hold-alls dear to the heart of the German tourist, and bags for boots and linen, are only a few of the things which may be multiplied indefinitely and supplemented by many others.

Cushions for pins and hatpins open quite a field for the ingenious worker, and may be made, though on merely glass cloth foundation, veritable articles de luxe. The finest and closest woven crash should be selected for the hatpin cushion, every square of which should be closely buttonholed on the woven line, and in every alternate square a golden cobweb may be placed. The gold for the cobweb is of the species called " washing gold"; it is quite flexible, easily used in the needle, and a skein, which costs a few pence, makes several cobwebs. This panel when finished is mounted on a well-stuffed cushion of oblong shape, each unworked square being filled with ordinary pins; a band of gold galon surrounds the cushion, and it is kept in place by pins with various coloured heads, the long hatpins being placed at the ends.

Variations of this scheme as to size and colour are too obvious to need description,but an interesting variety can be made by cutting away the ground fabric in alternate squares, leaving the cobweb or buttonholed bars in the manner of the Genoese work.

Black ingrain cotton, used after the Spanish method, with reversed buttonholestitch forming a series of little spikes, is a useful decoration for traycloths, and the same often does duty for cushions and chair-backs. For working cushions for hard wear, boating, or garden purposes, nothing beats coarse knitting cotton in red and blue; and if these covers are made with buttons and buttonholes, to take on and off like a pillowcase, they will be found most practical, may be simply sent to the common wash, and will launder like the proverbial rag. Care should be taken in selecting cottons that the colours are really fast; these are now brought to such perfection, both as to texture and tint, that the choice is as varied as the most exigent worker can demand. Every one of the suggestions with regard to this simple and popular embroidery has been practically tested, and the whole of the stitches and designs can be adapted in an endless variety of ways to any purpose required.

A variety of chequered material much used in Belgium as a basis for coarse embroidery and unworked for curtains and bed-coverings is like a glorified duster, and has small half-inch solid squares of blue and white, or red and white alternating. On this ground bold flowing designs are traced or sometimes quaint faces and figures. A heavy rope-stitch makes definite the outline, the alternate inside squares being filled with a large cross-stitch four times crossed to form what is known as a leviathan stitch. This material being made in wide widths is more practicable for large surfaces than the narrower makes; and many really attractive and satisfactory results may be obtained by using it as an alternative to the glass cloth, but the squares, being small, there is not so much scope for variety as to pattern as in the larger squares of the cross-barred linen.

Black Spanish stitching worked in coarse knitting cotton makes effective decoration for hard wear cushions or garden table covers

Black Spanish stitching worked in coarse knitting cotton makes effective decoration for hard-wear cushions or garden table-covers