Required: One or more eggs. Boiling water. A pinch of salt. A few drops of vinegar or lemon-juice.

Have a small saucepan or frying-pan about one-third full of boiling water, and put in the salt and vinegar. Break the egg into a cup, and then gently slide it into the boiling water. Keep it as much together as possible, and with a spoon keep pouring a little of the water over the white.

Have ready a fried or toasted and buttered piece of bread, put the egg on it, and serve very hot. Cost, from 1 1/2d. per egg.

Note.-If you have the remains of any sauce at hand, such as parsley, anchovy, or tomato, it may be heated and poured over.

An excellent dish is made by stamping out rounds of cooked tongue, heating these in brown sauce, arranging them on rounds of hot toast, and placing a poached egg on each.