Required: One fowl.

One slice of fat bacon.

Two onions.

One carrot and turnip.

Two sticks of celery.

A bunch of parsley, thyme, and a bay-leaf.

A blade of mace.

Three cloves.

Boiled Fowl with Egg Sauce

Boiled Fowl with Egg Sauce

Four peppercorns. Half a lemon. (Sufficient for six or eight.)

Truss the fowl for boiling. (See instructions on Trussing, page 103, Vol. 1, Every Woman's Encyclopaedia.) Next rub it all over with the lemon. Cut a few slits in the bacon to prevent it from curling up, tie it over the breast of the bird, then wrap it up in a piece of buttered paper. Wash and prepare the vegetables, and cut them in halves; tie the herbs in a bunch, and the spice in a piece of muslin. Put these in a stewpan large enough to hold the bird easily; pour in enough hot water to about half-fill the pan. When the water boils, put in the chicken, and let it simmer very gently from one to one and a half hours. Then take off the bacon and paper, wipe the fowl with a clean cloth or soft piece of paper to remove all grease, put it on a dish, and coat it carefully with egg sauce.

If the yolks and whites of the hard-boiled eggs are separated, the whites chopped and added to the sauce, while the yolks are rubbed through a sieve, and sprinkled over the fowl after it has been coated with the sauce, the dish will be very effective.

Cost, from 3s.