Required: One and a half pounds of meat of any kind. Two pounds of cooked potatoes-three-quarters of a pint of good gravy. Three tablespoonfuls of chopped onion. Two ounces of butter or good dripping. Two or three mushrooms. A slice or two of cooked ham or bacon. One egg. Salt and pepper.

Three-quarters of an ounce of flour. (Sufficient for eight or more.)

Rub the potatoes through a hair sieve, or mash them finely with a fork. Melt half the butter or dripping gently; add it to the potatoes. Season the mixture carefully with salt and pepper, if necessary adding a little milk if the mixture seems too dry.

Remove all skin, bone, and fat from the meat; cut it and the bacon into neat, fairly large squares. Mince the onion and mushroom. If more convenient, leave out the latter.

Next prepare the gravy.

Melt the rest of the butter in a saucepan, add the flour and onion, and fry them a pale brown; then add three-quarters of a pint of stock, and stir until it boils. Season it to taste, and add the mushrooms. Let the sauce cool slightly.

Put a layer of potatoes at the bottom of a pie-dish and a little round the sides. Fill the dish to within an inch of the top with meat and gravy. Cover the top with the rest of the potato. Smooth the surface with a knife dipped in hot water. Brush it over with beaten egg, and sprinkle it with fine browned crumbs. Bake it in a moderate oven until it is hot through.

It is a good plan to place the dish in a baking-tin containing hot water; this prevents the gravy boiling over and the meat becoming hard through being cooked too quickly.

If preferred, the potato covering may be marked all over with a fork, then brushed over with egg, and nicely browned in the oven. Arrange a pretty pie-dish frill round the dish, and serve garnished with a sprig of parsley. Cost, about 2s. 4d.