Lamb Pasty

3 pounds lamb, cut from the neck Bit of bay leaf 1 1/2 cupfuls French potato balls, or diced potatoes 1/2 teaspoonful onion juice 1 tablespoonful tomato catsup

3 cupfuls boiling water 6 tablespoonfuls flour

1 cupful peas, if desired

4 tablespoonfuls butter or drippings

Salt and pepper Short biscuit crust

Cut the lamb in "handsome mouthfuls." Roll in flour, saute (fry) slightly in the drippings and place in a casserole or braising dish. Add the bay leaf (tied in bit of cheesecloth) and boiling water, and let simmer until tender - about two hours, adding one and one-half teaspoon-fuls of salt at the end of an hour. Remove the bay leaf, add the onion juice and catsup and the potato balls. Stir in the peas, thicken with the flour and butter rubbed together, season to taste, bring to boiling point and set the crust quickly in place. Bake until browned, about twenty minutes, in a hot oven.

Broiled Chops

Wipe the chops with a damp cloth, remove the tough outside skin, and arrange on a well-oiled broiler. Place over a glowing bed of coals or under a gas-broiler and turn every ten seconds until the chops look "puffy" and the fat is clear in appearance. Then sprinkle with salt and a bit of pepper, dot with bits of butter, and set in the oven to melt the butter. Serve at once.

Pan-Broiled Chops

Wipe the chops with a damp cloth and remove the tough skin. Heat a frying pan very hot, put in the chops and turn at once. Turn every ten seconds until they are brown and the fat is clear-looking. Cook thin chops five minutes. When done, sprinkle with salt and pepper, and spread sparingly with butter. Set in the oven for a minute, and serve very hot. A little boiling water may be added to the drippings in the pan, and the gravy poured around the chops.

Table Set For Formal Luncheon

Table Set For Formal Luncheon.

Lamb Chops With Peas

Pan-broil lamb chops, as directed. To the gravy left in the pan add the desired amount of boiled fresh or canned peas. Let stand to become thoroughly hot and to absorb the meat flavor.

Baked Lamb Chops

Select any type of lamb or mutton chops cut one-half inch thick. Trim them into shape, and saute (fry) lightly on either side. Then pile well-seasoned mashed potatoes on each chop, brush over with well-beaten egg, and finish in the oven. Serve with brown or tomato sauce

Stuffed Lamb Chops

6 good-sized lamb chops

(loin) 1 1/2 cupfuls soft bread crumbs Milk 1 teaspoonful minced parsley

1/4 cupful grated cheese 1/2 teaspoonful onion juice 1/2 teaspoonful celery salt Few grains pepper

If possible, select chops from the loin and bone and roll them. Make a dressing of the other ingredients, moistening with milk as is necessary; pan-broil the chops lightly, browning the under side and seasoning them as they cook. Then cover with the stuffing and bake for five minutes in a hot oven, when the stuffing should be brown. Serve on toast with a brown sauce made from the drippings in the pan and a little stock made from the bones and trimmings.