Stewed Prunes

1 pound prunes Water to cover - about 3 cupfuls

Rind of half an orange 1/2 cupful sugar (if desired)

Wash the prunes, brush and soak over night in cold water to cover; in the morning add the orange rind and bring very slowly to boiling point, then set back on the range and let cook slowly for two hours. Add sugar, if desired, after an hour and a half of cooking. Or, after reaching boiling point, put in a double boiler and let cook three hours.

Thickened Prunes

1 cupful prunes

2 cupfuls water 1/4 cupful sugar Few grains salt

1 1/2 tablespoonfuls corn starch or arrowroot or 2 table-spoonfuls quick tapioca

A few shavings of orange rind

1 tablespoonful lemon juice

Wash the prunes and soak for twenty-four hours in two cupfuls of water. Add the orange rind and salt, and cook the prunes until nearly tender. Add the sugar and finish cooking. Skim out the prunes from the syrup. There should be one and one-half cupfuls of liquid left. If there is not, add boiling water to make up the balance. Thicken with the corn starch dissolved in a little cold water, and let boil up. Add the lemon juice. Remove the stones from the prunes. Add the prune syrup to the fruit and serve hot on French toast, or ice cold, plain or with whipped cream.

Pickled Prunes

1 pound small prunes Juice and rind two lemons 4 blades mace

2 teaspoonfuls whole cloves

1 teaspoonful allspice

2 peppercorns

2 cupfuls sugar 1/2 cupful vinegar

Wash the prunes and put on to cook in one quart of water. Add the lemon rind, and the spices tied in a cloth, and simmer for two hours, replenishing the water as it evaporates. Add the sugar and cook an hour longer, turn in the vinegar and lemon juice and boil for five minutes. Cool and serve with game, poultry or roast lamb.

Baked Figs

1 pound pulled or layer figs Rind and juice 1 orange

1/2 cupful sugar Dash salt

Wash the figs thoroughly and soak over night in water to cover. Place in an earthen dish, with salt and the grated orange rind, and bake very gently for three hours. Then add the sugar, cool, add the orange juice, and serve with or without whipped cream.

Marshmallow Figs Wash pulled figs and let stand over night in water to cover. In the morning cook in the same water in a double boiler till tender (or bake, as directed in previous recipe); add a little candied orange peel. When done, remove and simmer down the syrup directly over the fire. Cut a slit in each fig, and insert half a marshmallow. Arrange in high sherbet glasses, pour over the syrup, and serve very cold, with or without whipped cream.

Stewed Figs

1 pound pulled or dried figs Juice 1/2 lemon

1/2 cupful sugar

Wash the figs and put in a double boiler top, with cold water barely to cover. Let stand twelve hours, then set over hot water and cook gently until tender. Remove the figs, add the sugar to the remaining liquid and boil hard for ten minutes. Cool, add lemon juice and pour over figs.

Stewed Dried Pears

1 pound dried pears 3/4 cupful brown sugar

Juice and rind 1/2 lemon 1 quart cold water

Wash the pears; put to soak for twelve hours in the water to become soft. Then set over a low heat to simmer, cooking with the lemon rind until nearly tender; sweeten, cook ten minutes longer, cool and add the lemon juice.

Dried Apricot Jam

1 pound dried apricots 2 lemons 1 orange

Water Granulated sugar

Soak the apricots over night with the sliced orange and lemon rind and pulp; then stew very slowly, until soft, in the same water barely to cover; sift through a coarse colander and add two-thirds as much granulated sugar as apricot pulp. Simmer down very slowly till of the consistency of apple butter or jam, then seal in sterilized glasses.