Apple Strudel

1 1/4 cupfuls pastry flour

3 tablespoonfuls butter


Few grains salt

1 egg

1 teaspoonful cinnamon

1 pint apples (measured after peeling and chopping)

1 cupful bread crumbs browned in fat

1/2 cupful chopped raisins

1/2 cupful almonds

Rub the butter into the flour, and add the salt, beat the egg well and put it in, then pour in enough milk to make a paste the consistency of pie crust. Mix the other ingredients thoroughly, roll the paste thin, and spread this over it. Fold it over and roll as thin as possible without breaking the crust; then roll up like a jelly roll, shape like the figure eight and bake gently forty-five minutes to an hour, basting occasionally with a little melted butter. Serve sliced, either hot or cold, plain or with any fruit pudding sauce.

Strudel Or German Cheese Cake

I cupful cream or cottage cheese, packed in loosely 2 1/2 cupfuls milk 1/2 cupful sugar 3 eggs

1/2 tablespoonful lemon juice 1/4 teaspoonful salt 1/2 cupful currants Pastry-

Line a plate with pastry. Mix together the sugar, eggs, cheese and seasonings, and add the milk and currants. Pour into the pie plate, and bake for forty-five minutes, or until firm, in a moderate oven.