Tutti-Frutti - Knead fondant and flavor with cherry or almond extract. Knead into it one-third its amount of a mixture of raisins, dates, figs, candied cherries, citron, orange-peel or other candied fruits, which have been chopped together. Shape into a flat cake and cut after it stands for an hour.

Wintergreen Creams - Melt a portion of fondant in the upper part of a double boiler until it is soft enough to drop from a spoon. It may be necessary to add a few drops of hot water. Color it with red vegetable coloring to a delicate pink. Flavor with oil of wintergreen. Stir until it is creamy. Drop from a teaspoon on oiled paper.

Peppermint Creams - Follow instructions given for wintergreen creams, but leave the fondant uncolored and flavor with oil of peppermint.

Nut Creams - Knead fondant and flavor with almond or coffee extract. Knead into it a mixture of chopped nuts or moist coconut. Shape into balls, squares or other shapes attractive for dipping into chocolate.

Stuffed Dates, and Prunes - Stone dates or prunes and stuff them with fondant which has been colored pink and flavored with rose water. A whole nut-meat should be inserted with the fondant.

Chocolate Bonbons - Melt very slowly a good quality of specially prepared dipping chocolate, sweetened or unsweetened, in the top of a double boiler. Do not heat the water under the chocolate above 120° F., for overheating spoils chocolate for dipping. Stir it constantly while it is melting to keep an even temperature, and after it has melted, beat it thoroughly. Keep the heat very low during the dipping process. To dip centers, use a fork or confectioner's dipper. Drop centers in one at a time and when covered place on oiled paper. The room in which dipping is done should be cool, so that the chocolate may harden quickly.