Creamed Spinach

2 pounds spinach

1 tablespoon butter

2 hard-cooked egg-yolks

Salt and pepper

2 tablespoons cream

Cook spinach according to directions for boiled spinach No. 1, drain well, and chop fine. Return to fire, add butter, salt and pepper, and stir until the butter is melted, then add cream and chopped yolks and mix well.

Spinach Souffle

2 cups cooked spinach, fresh or canned

2 eggs

This is a satisfactory way to dispose of left-over cooked spinach. To the spinach add egg-yolks beaten, place in a granite saucepan, heat and stir over the fire until the egg set,| then remove from the heat and when cold add the beaten egg-whites. Fill individual baking-dishes one-half full of this mixture. Set the dishes in a pan of hot water and bake in a moderate oven (375° F.) from twenty to thirty minutes. Serve at once to prevent falling.

Spinach In Eggs

2 cups boiled spinach

6 eggs


Red pepper




While the spinach is cooking, cook the eggs hard. Cut eggs in halves crosswise and remove the yolks. Cut a slice from the bottom of each cooked egg-white so that it will stand on a platter. Season the yolks with red pepper, mustard, butter and salt. Mix thoroughly with vinegar to taste. Fill the egg-cups with the spinach, mounding it high, and put the rest around the egg. Put the prepared yolks in a ricer and squeeze over all.


2 cups green corn or

1 cup dried corn 2 cups fresh Lima, string or butter beans or 1 cup dried

Lima beans

Salt and pepper

1 cup milk

4 tablespoons butter

If fresh vegetables are used, cut the corn from the cob. Cover the beans with the least possible amount of boiling water, to prevent scorching, and cook until tender. Drain off the water, add the corn and the milk and cook slowly until the corn is tender. Add the butter and other seasoning.

When dried corn and beans are used, soak both separately over night. In the morning, cover the beans with fresh water, and boil them very gently until tender. Do not drain the water from the corn, but reduce heat so it will cook slowly. When the beans are tender, drain and add them to the corn, allowing only water enough to cover. Cook slowly until tender and drain off water to save for soup. Add the milk and seasoning.

Stewed Tomatoes

6 tomatoes, fresh or canned 2 tablespoons butter

Salt and pepper Crumbs or flour

Pour boiling water on fresh tomatoes, and after they have remained covered one minute drain them and plunge them into cold water. Slip off the skins, remove the hard stem ends, and cut the tomatoes in pieces. Stew them in their own juice in a graniteware or porcelain-lined kettle until tender, add butter, salt, and pepper. Bread-crumbs or cracker-crumbs, or a little flour blended with the butter, may be added for thickening.