Foods selected from the above groups may be included in the school lunch in the following forms:

Sandwiches - Made as often as possible from whole cereal breads, as graham, whole wheat, oatmeal. Made to include some substantial food which will increase the value of the meal. Supplied in sufficient number to satisfy hunger. Made carefully and well.

Succulent Foods - Whole orange, whole tomato, whole apples, apple sauce2 peaches (whole or sliced) , celery, stewed fruit, prunes, baked apple, sliced fruit, dates, berries. Fruits and vegetables are especially important in the dietary of the growing child and pains must be taken always to include adequate amounts of them. They are not always easy to include in the school lunch, yet if the child is to be well nourished, some way must be devised to get them in.

Milk Always - This should never be omitted. It may be carried in a special container provided for the purpose or it may be included in the hot dish.

One Hot Dish if Possible - The value of hot food in the lunch is now so generally recognized that many country and town schools have made provision for serving at least one hot dish at the noon hour. If not available at school, hot food may be carried in the lunch box. A vacuum container will solve the problem satisfactorily.