Afternoon Or Evening Refreshments No. 1

Fruit Salad with Mayonnaise, Boiled Dressing or Whipped Cream

Small Sandwiches

Coffee or Chocolate

Candies Small Cakes Nuts

No. 2

Chicken Salad Olives Rye and White Bread Sandwiches

Ice-cream or Fruit Ice Maple Cake Coffee

No. 3

Chicken Salad Sandwiches Olives Ice-cream Petits Fours

Fruit Punch Coffee

Chafing Dish Suppers No. 1

Fruit Cocktails Creamed Crab Flakes Bread and Butter Sandwiches


No. 2

Welsh Rarebit Toasted Crackers

Water Cress Salad with French Dressing

Olives Coffee

Children's Party

Fruit Cocktails

Chicken Sandwiches Jam Sandwiches

Vanilla Ice-cream Small Cakes

Birthday Cake with Name, Date and Candles

Orangeade Candy

School Reception

Fruit Ice Or Ice-Cream Small Cakes Candies

Punch Nuts

For Hikers

Camp Hamburgs to Broil Whole Tomatoes Potatoes to Bake

Olives Carrot Sticks

Cup Cakes Cans of Fruit Juices

Bridge Supper

Jellied Meat Loaf

Vegetable Platter with Sour Cream Dressing

Toast Melba Clover Leaf Rolls Saltines

Marron Mousse Coffee

Crystallized Fruit Salted Nuts

Men's Card Party

Platter Cold Meats and Strong Cheese

Potato Salad Spaghetti Casserole

Rye Rolls Poppyseed Rolls Salt Rolls

Olives Dill Pickles Gherkins Radishes

Rum Cake or Beef without Dessert Coffee

Cocktail Party

Assorted Cocktails and Dry Wines Salted Almonds Olives Potato Chips

Assorted Canapes

The School Lunch

AS much care is needed in selecting and preparing the food for the child's lunch at school as for the other meals served to the child. If the lunch is inadequate or lacking in food essentials throughout the school year, the child's whole nutrition will be seriously affected, and his work at school will suffer. The school lunch is one of three meals, not just a "snack," and should possess the following characteristics:

1. It should be abundant in amount for a hungry, healthy child. A little too much is better than too little.

2. It should be chosen with regard to the nutritive needs of the child and in relation to the whole day's food.

3. It should be clean, appetizing, wholesome and attractive.

Food Selection Chart For Children

Select from the following chart and make the school lunch bear its full share of responsibility for carrying the foods the child needs.

Milk - 3/4 to 1 quart daily.

Vegetables - Two servings daily (in addition to potatoes). Fruit - Two servings daily (fresh, canned or dried), one of fresh fruit or fresh or canned tomatoes if possible. Cereals - Whole cereal bread, usually. Whole cereal breakfast food, usually. Water - 1 1/2 quarts liquid daily (may be included in other foods).

Menu Suggestions (Milk Appears In Some Form In Each Lunch.)


Cream of Spinach Soup (in vacuum container)


Raisin and Nut Bread and Butter


Apple Sauce


Cream of Tomato Soup (in vacuum container)

Ground Meat Sandwiches

Sliced Fruit Milk Chocolate

3. Cream Cheese Sandwiches Celery Tomatoes and Rice (in vacuum container)

Custard with Jelly and Graham



Boston Brown Bread Sandwiches with Cottage Cheese Filling

Cocoa (in vacuum container)

Apple Sauce Graham or Oatmeal Crackers


Cream of Potato Soup with Parsley (in vacuum container) Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Stewed Prunes Plain Cake


Scrambled Egg Sandwiches

Lettuce Sandwiches Milk (in container. See next page) Orange Molasses Cookie