There are several methods of combining ingredients for butter cakes, but the method described below is considered the standard.

Cream the Butter or Other Shortening by continued rubbing against the sides of the bowl until it is soft and light. Some people prefer to use a wooden spoon for this, but a fork does the work more quickly. If the shortening is too hard to cream easily, warm the bowl slightly by setting it in warm water, but do not melt the fat.

Add the Sugar Gradually and work well after each addition.

Separate the Whites From the Yolks of the eggs. Beat the yolks until they are thick and lemon-colored, then add them to the creamed shortening and sugar. If the egg is not separated, beat the whole egg well and add here.

Sift the Flour, measure it and add to it all other dry ingredients, such as baking-powder, salt and spices, and then sift again.

Add the Dry Ingredients and Milk to the first mixture, alternately, keeping the batter of the same consistency throughout the mixing process. Beat just enough to make the mixture smooth.

Add the Flavoring, then fold in the stiffly beaten egg-whites, unless the whites were added with the yolks.

When Fruits or Nuts Are Used, save out a little of the flour to sift over them, and add them to the cake mixture just before the egg-whites are added.

Melt Chocolate Over Hot Water and add just after the egg-yolks. Add cocoa as one of the dry ingredients.