Apple And Onion Salad

Boil one cup of vinegar. If strong, use half water. Mix one teaspoonful mustard, one teaspoonful cornstarch, one-half teaspoonful salt, and one-half saltspoonful pepper with one well-beaten egg. Stir this into the boiling vinegar and cook until creamy. Pour it over two mildly acid apples and one onion chopped fine. Serve it with lettuce cups.

Nut Salad

Equal parts of apple, celery, and nuts. Cut the apple in eighths, pare and cut from the end in thin slices. Split the celery stalks if they are wide, and then lay several together and shave off in thin crescents.

Use almonds, peanuts, pecans, or walnuts. Salted almonds and peanuts may be chopped medium fine, pecans and walnuts crumbled, or chopped. Some prefer to parboil the walnuts and remove the skin; the slight cooking softens them somewhat. It is not necessary to have equal parts of each, for with almost any proportion that I have chanced to have, if the seasoning has been right, the salad has been good.

Mix with a mayonnaise dressing and serve with or without crisp lettuce. Salt and pepper the mixture well before adding the mayonnaise.

Fruit Salad

Remove the sections of pineapple with a silver fork. Stone the cherries, being careful to save the juice. Hull the berries, mix all together, place on lettuce leaves and garnish with stars of mayonnaise dressing.

Another way: Make a bed of lettuce leaves on a glass dish, keeping the fruit separated one from the other; make three mounds, and garnish in the same way. Select the dark, almost black cherries, as it gives you three distinct colors. Use equal parts of pineapple, cherries, and strawberries.

Fruit Cups

Cut oranges in halves and with a spoon scoop out the pulp and juice, then scrape out the white membrane and set the cups in a pan of ice. Cut Malaga grapes in halves and remove the seeds. If the skins are tough, peel them before cutting. Have equal parts of grapes and banana, cut in small pieces. Add the juice of one lemon to the juice of three oranges, and sweeten it quite sweet. Add also a dash of salt. Fill the orange cups with the mixture of fruits, pour the sweetened juice over the fruit, and put a spoonful of thick whipped cream on top. Serve very cold.

Tomato Jelly Salad

Soak one-half box of gelatine in one-half cup of cold water fifteen minutes, or till soft. Stew one can of tomatoes till soft, cutting and mashing the pulp to hasten the process. For additional flavoring, stew with the tomato a half inch bit of bay leaf one-half teaspoon of mixed whole spices, one rounded tablespoon of celery salt, and one-half a small Bermuda onion. Strain the tomato through a puree sieve, and if there is not enough to make three cups add boiling water. Heat again to boiling point, add the soaked gelatine, stir till dissolved, then pour it into small cups or fancy moulds, or into a ring mould, if individual forms are not desired. Chill, and when ready to serve, turn out and serve the small forms on lettuce leaves with mayonnaise on the top. Or turn the ring mould out on a salad dish, fill the centre with any salad mixture you prefer, and garnish with any appropriate border of green.