Apple Fritters

Turn twelve small apples, cut them into halves, an 1 boil them in simp, then leave them to cool. When they are cold, make an extremely ihin crust with brioche paste. Make a fritter lor each half apple, then fry them and finish the same as Fritters d la Dauphinc.

Pears cut into quarters are made in the same maimer as the above.

Apples And Almonds Little Cakes

Proceed the same as above till the marmalade is spread over the under-crust, then cover it with almonds cut in fillets, press them in lightly; mask them with powder-sugar and bake in a moderate oven. As soon as cold, cut your gateaux according to your fancy, either round, oblong, lozenge, or crescent-shaped.

Apple Marmalade Little Cakes

Make a marmalade of twenty-four apples in the usual way, with a quarter of a pound of sugar, and a quarter of a pot of apricots, and the zeste of a lemon, shred fine. Make your paste, and proceed as directed for Petits Gateaux glaces of apricots. Sprinkle them (when marked) with powder-sugar. Bake them in a moderate oven and finish them.

Apple Petit Gateaux With

Pistachios. Make an under-crust of the same size and thickness as directed for peiits gateaux glacis of apricots, and cover it with apple marmalade; when baked, mash the apples with a little apricot marmalade, and strew over a quarter of a pound of pistachio nuts cut in small pieces, and then put it in the oven again for a few minutes to dry the apricots. When cold cut them into the usual forms.

Apples And Pistachios

Prepare and toss up a dozen apples for this gateau with apples and raisins, with the addition of two ounces of sugar, and instead of the zeste of an orange, grate that of a lemon, and put three ounces of pistachio nuts blanched, in the place of the raisins. Proceed in the same manner as directed in that recipe, strewing on the dome of the gateau pistachio and sugar, each nut cut into six pieces; and when the crown is put round the band, place a pistachio nut in the middle of each meringue, bake it of a light color in a slow oven, and serve it hot.

Apple Meringuees

Put some apple marmalade on a dish, in a pyramid: whip the whites of two eggs to a froth, mix with them two spoonfuls of powder-sugar and a little lemon-peel chopped extremely small; decorate your apples with this preparation, glaze them with sugar, and color them in the oven.

Apple Meringue

Lay a timbale paste in a tart pan, egg and prick it all over, and hake it; lay in it a puree of apples, and finish with white of egg, as for a la Turque; serve it hot.

Apples Puree

Peel and core a dozen or more good baking apples; set them over the fire to stew with some clarified sugar and a small hit of lemon-peel; when soft, stir them well with a wooden spoon, and put in a spoonful of apricot jam; stir it at times till the jam is mixed and the apples thicken, then rub the whole through a tammy.

Souffle Parisien Apples

Make a marmalade of three dozen apples, half a pound of powder-sugar, the peel of a lemon, and a glass of water; dry it as much as you possibly can, for on that the good appearance of the souffle parisien chiefly depends; then put it into a large stewpan. Whip the whites of fifteen eggs to a strong froth, with a pound of powder-sugar. Mix a quarter of this at first, with the apple marmalade, then stir the whole together, and pour it into a croustade prepared as usual. (See Souffle.) Bake it for an hour in a moderate oven. Serve it as soon as possible after taking it from the oven. Glaze it with powder-sugar.

Apple Sirup

Take six apples, pare and cut them into small pieces; put them into a matrass with three-quarters of a pound of sugar and two glasses of water; stop it close and place it in a bain marie, and leave it about two hours, letting the water be boiling; move the matrass frequently without taking it out of the water; this must be done carefully lest it should break on being exposed to the cold air; when done put out the fire, and let the matrass cool before you take it out. When the sirup is nearly cold, flavor it with lemon-juice, and add a spoonful of spirits of lemon or cinnamon, orange-flower water, or whatever else you may choose. If any dregs should arise, let it stand for some hours longer, and then gently pour the sirup into bottles. Great care must be taken to prevent its being muddy.