Mutton Breast Collared

Bone it and take out all the gristles, make a forcemeat with crumbs of bread, chopped parsley, a little lemon thyme, and one anchovy minced; season with salt and white pepper, rub the mutton over with an egg beaten up, cover it with the forcemeat, roll it firmly; tie it with tape, and put it on in boiling water. Make a good gravy of the bones, two onions, a bunch of parsley and lemon thyme, pepper and salt; strain and thicken it with a piece of butter mixed with flour. A little before serving, add a table-spoonful of vinegar and two of mushroom ketchup. Garnish with cut lemon or pickles.

Mutton, Breast, Roasted With Wine

Skin and bone a breast of mutton, then roll it up in a collar like a breast of veal. Roast it, and baste it with half a pint of red wine; when you have used up all the wine, finish basting with butter. Have a little good gravy in readiness, and when the mutton is done, set it upright in a dish, pour in the gravy, prepare sweet sauce the same as for venison, and send it up to table without any garnish.

Mutton Broth

Cut a neck of mutton into pieces, preserving a handsome piece to be served up in the tureen; put all into a stewpan with three quarts of cold beef stock, or water, with a little oatmeal mixed in it; some turnips, onions, leeks, celery cut in pieces, and a small bunch of thyme and parsley. When it boils, skim it clean, and when nearly done, take out the piece you intend to serve in the tureen, and let the other pieces stew till tender; then have ready turnips cut into dice, some leeks, celery, half a cabbage, some parsley, all cut small, and some marigolds; wash them, strain the liquor off the meat, skim it free from the fat, add it to the ingredients with the piece of mutton intended for the tureen, adding a little pearl barley. Season with salt, simmer all together till done, and serve with toasted bread on a plate.

Mutton Chops

Cut the chops off a loin or the best end of a neck of mutton, pare oft" the fat, dip them into a beaten egg, and strew over them grated bread, seasoned with pepper, salt, and some finely minced parsley; fry them in a little butter, and lay them upon the back of a sieve to drain before the fire. Thicken about half a pint of gravy, add a table-spoonful of ketchup, and one of Port wine; put the gravy into the dish, and lay in the chops; garnish with fried parsley or cut lemon.

Baked Mutton Chops

Cut a neck of mutton into neat chops, season them with salt and pepper, butter a dish, lay in the chops and pour over them a batter made of a quart of milk, four eggs beaten up, four table-spoonfuls of flour, and a little salt. An hour will bake them.

Mutton Chops Maintenon

Cut a neck of mutton into chops; beat them flat with a rolling-pin. Bruise the yolk of a hard-boiled egg, and mix with it chopped sweet herbs, grated bread, nutmeg, salt, and pepper. Coyer the steaks with it, and put each into a piece of well-buttered paper; broil them over a clear fire, turning them often. Serve them in the paper, or with a browned gravy.