Barbicued Pig

Scald, etc, a pig, of about nine or ten weeks old, the same as for roasting; make a stuffing with a few sage-leaves, the liver of the pig, and two anchovies boned, washed, and cut extremely small; put them into a mortar, with some bread-crumbs, a quarter of a pound of butter, a very little cayenne pepper, and half a pint of Madeira wine; beat them to a paste, and sew it up in the pig; lay it at a good distance before a large brisk fire; singe it well; put two bottles of Madeira wine into the dripping-pan, and keep basting it all the time it is roasting; when half done, put two French rolls into the drippingpan; and if there is not wine enough in the drippingpan, add more: when the pig is nearly done, take the rolls and sauce, and put them into a saucepan, with an anchovy cut small, a bunch of sweet herbs, and the juice of a lemon; take up the pig, send it to table with an apple in its-mouth, and a roil on each side; then strain the sauce over it.

Some barbicue a pig of six or seven weeks old, and stick it all over with blanched almonds, and baste it in the same manner with Madeira wine.

How To Collar Pig

Cut off the feet, head, and tail; bone and wash it well, and dry it in a cloth. Season it highly with a quantity of pepper and salt; roll it up firmly, and bind it with a piece of linen; sew it tightly. Put it on in boiling water, with the bones, let it boil for an hour, then put it under a weight to press till it be cold, and take off the cloth.

How To Collar Pig's Cheek

Strew over a pig's face,and a neat's or pig's tongue, a little salt and saltpetre; let it stand eight or nine days, then boil them with two cow-heels, till all be sufficiently tender to admit of the bones being taken out; lay upon a dish a piece of strong cloth, put the cheek upon it with the rind downwards; season it highly with pepper, cloves, and a little salt; add the tongue and cow-heels, with more seasoning; roll and sew it up firmly, put it into a jar and boil it for two hours, then press it with a heavy weight, and when cold take off the cloth. The cow-heel may be omitted, and both cheeks used.

How To Cure Pig's Cheek

Strew salt over it, and let it lie two or three days, then pour over it the following mixture when it is cold; half a pound of bay salt, half an ounce of saltpetre, a quarter of a pound of coarse brown sugar, one handful of common salt, and a penny-worth of cochineal, boiled in a pint of strong beer or porter; let it lie in the pickle a fortnight, turning it daily, then hang it to smoke for a week. When to be dressed,put it into lukewarm water to soak for a night, and in dressing it, follow the directions given for boiling hams.

Pig's Kidneys, And Skirts

Clean and wash them very nicely, cut the kidneys across, and the skirts into small square bits; fry them a light brown in beef dripping, brown a bit of butter the size of a walnut, with a little flour, and add as much boiling water as may be required of gravy, and an onion minced small. Add the meat, a little pepper, salt, and mushroom ketchup, and let it stew till tender.