Veal Roll

Bone a small breast of veal, and spread over it a rich and highly-seasoned forcemeat. Cut four hard-boiled eggs the long way into four pieces, and lay them in rows, with green pickles between each row. Roll up the veal tightly, and few it; then put it into a cloth, and bind it with tape. Lay a slice of ham over it, and put it into a saucepan, together with some strong stock, and a little whole pepper, and stew it fir three hours. Make a rich gravy, and boil it up with a little white wine and lemon-juice or lemon-pickle; pour it over the veal; add some egg and forcemeat balls, and garnish with cut green pickles. This dish is very good when cold.

Veal Sausages

Take equal quantities of lean veal and fat bacon, a handful of sage, and a few anchovies. Beat all in a mortar, and season well with pepper and salt; when wanted tor use, roll and fry it, and serve either with fried sippets, or on stewed vegetables, or white collops.

Veal Semelles

Cut part of a fillet of veal into slices an inch thick, season them with salt and pepper, and give them a few turns in a little butter, with a bay leaf. Lay at the bottom of a deep saucepan a very thin slice of bacon, and on it one of the slices of veal, and continue to lay them in alternately, until the whole are used, then add a glass of water and some bay leaves; close the saucepan very tight, first putting a sheet of paper over the meat; stew it on hot ashes for four or five hours; take care to keep the fire up to the same point all the time

Veal Stock

Cut a leg of veal and some lean ham into pieces, put them into a saucepan, with a quart of water, some carrots, turnips, onions, leeks, and celery; stew them down till nearly done, but do not let color; then add a sufficient quantity of beef stock to cover the ingredients, and let it boil for an hour; skim off all the fat, and strain it; a little game stewed down with the above will greatly improve the flavor; be particularly careful that it does not burn.

Veal Sweetbreads Roasted

Trim off the tough part, and blanch for three minutes in a stewpan of water, with a little salt, three heart sweetbreads, then take them out, and put them into a basin of cold water till cool; have an egg heat up in a dish,some bread crumbs, and clarified butter, run a skewer through the sweetbreads, and fasten them on the spit; egg them all over, shake some bread crumbs over, then sprinkle clarified butter over, and then bread crumbs again; put them down to roast again for a quarter of an hour, then take them off the skewer, and serve them on a dish over a little butter sauce, mixed with a spoonful of gravv, a small bit of glaze, and a squeeze of lemon-juice; let it be hot, but not boiling, and thoroughly well mixed before it is served under the sweetbreads.