Cannelon Of Beef

Wipe one and one-half pounds lean beef, cut from round, and finely chop. Add one-third cup finely chopped fat salt pork and season with salt and pepper. Shape in a roll, wrap in buttered paper, place on rack in dripping pan and bake in a hot oven thirty-five minutes, basting every five minutes with butter, melted in boiling water, using three tablespoons butter and three-fourths cup water. Remove from paper to serving dish. Pour around tomato sauce and garnish with parsley.

Swedish Meat Balls

Wipe one pound beef, cut from lower part of round, with a piece of cheese-cloth wrung out of cold water. Force through a meat-chopper or chop finely; there should be two cups. Add one-half cup stale bread crumbs and one egg, slightly beaten; then season with two-thirds teaspoon salt, one-eighth teaspoon pepper and a few grains nutmeg. Make into balls, using as little pressure as possible, one and one-half inches in diameter; cover and let stand one hour. Try out three slices fat salt pork three inches square and brown meat-balls in pork fat. Melt two tablespoons butter, add two tablespoons flour and stir until well blended; then pour on gradually, while stirring constantly, one and three-fourths cups brown stock. Bring to the boiling point and season with salt and pepper. Add balls to sauce, cover and let simmer one and one-half hours. Swedish meat balls are frequently served with dumplings.

Canadian Meat Pie

1 1/2 lbs. top of round steak 3 lambs' kidneys 1 sliced onions 2 tablespoons butter 1 cups boiling water.

1 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce 2 tablespoons flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/2 teaspoon pepper.

Wipe steak, remove fat and cut lean meat in three-fourths-inch cubes. Soak, pare, trim and cut kidneys in one-fourth-inch cubes. Try out fat, removed from steak; add onion and stir constantly until well browned. Add one tablespoon butter, beef and kidneys and stir constantly until entire surface of meat is well seared and browned; then remove to stewpan. To fat remaining in pan, add boiling water and strain; then add Worcestershire Sauce, salt and pepper. Pour over meat, cover tightly and let cook on back of range, or over gas flame (over which is placed an asbestos cover), until meat is tender. Strain off liquid remaining in pan and thicken with remaining butter and flour mixed together. When meat is cold, turn into an elliptical-shaped granite-ware baking dish (having a half-inch rim) in the centre of which is placed an earthen cup, and pour over one-half the sauce, reserving the remainder to pass separately, when the pie is served. Place on rim of pan a three-fourths-inch strip of paste, brush over with cold water and put on a cover from the centre of which a circular piece has been cut. Garnish, as shown in illustration, with a braid of paste and four diamond-shaped pieces. Around edge make a row of parallel creases, one-half inch apart, using the back of a knife. Between each two creases snip paste three times, using scissors. Bake in a hot oven.

Canadian Meat Pie.

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Casserole Of Beef

Cut cold roast beef and cold broiled steak, alone or in combination, in one-inch cubes; there should be one quart. Put in a casserole dish and add two cups brown sauce or beef gravy, one-half cup celery cut in small pieces, one-half cup carrot cut in small cubes, one onion thinly sliced, one cup canned tomatoes, one teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce, one-half teaspoon salt and one-eighth teaspoon pepper. Cover and bake one hour; then add one cup peas, beans or mushrooms, canned or fresh, one cup potato balls or cubes, which have been cooked in boiling salted water ten minutes, and two tablespoons Sherry wine. Again cover and cook thirty minutes, or until potatoes are soft. Serve from casserole.

Cold Roast Beef A La Shapleigh

Cut cold roast beef in thin slices and arrange slices overlapping one another, lengthwise of platter. Mix six tablespoons olive oil, two tablespoons Tarragon vinegar, one teaspoon salt, one-fourth teaspoon pepper, one-half teaspoon, each, paprika and dry mustard, and one tablespoon, each, finely chopped shallot, parsley and red pepper. Pour dressing over meat and garnish with crisp lettuce leaves, stoned olives and curled celery.

Cold Roast Beef a la Shapleigh.

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