Mince Meat Pie No. 1

2 pounds beef (from the round).

1 pound suet (chopped).

4 pounds apples (chopped).

2 pounds raisins (chopped).

1 pound raisins, stoned, but whole.

1 pound currants, well washed.

3/4 pound citron, sliced fine.

2 tablespoonfuls cinnamon.

1 tablespoonful cloves.

1 tablespoonful salt.

1 nutmeg.

1 pint brandy.

1 pint wine.

Boil the beef, and chop it fine. Add the other things, taking pains to mix all together very thoroughly. Put into a stone jar, and tie a cloth over the top. When you want to make pies, dip out enough, sweeten it to taste, and cover what is left in the jar.

Mince Meat Pie No. 2

1 tongue, boiled and minced.

2 pounds suet, chopped. 2 pounds raisins.

4 pounds currants.

1 pound citron, chopped.

2 pounds sugar.

1 tablespoonful cinnamon.

1 teaspoonful allspice.

2nutmegs, grated.

6 lemons, juice only.

1 quart brandy.

1 quart wine.

1 pound chopped apples.

1 tablespoonful salt.

Mix well together a week before using.

Whenever you make pies, add fresh chopped apples. Instead of brandy, good cider boiled down to half its quantity will do, and for wine, currant wine may be used.

If you choose, cut from the tongue a few thin slices for the table before mincing it, and substitute, for the meat thus removed, a little ordinary beef, boiled.

Mince Meat Pie No. 3

4 pounds beef from the round.

Boil slowly till tender. Remove all gristle, and when cold chop- very fine. Measure it, and to every pint, put

2 pints raisins.

1 pint currants.

1 pint suet. 1 pint molasses.

1 pint quince jelly or marma-lade. 1 pint any kind fruit syrup. 1/4 pound citron.

2 pounds brown sugar.

2 tablespoonfuls cinnamon.

1 grated nutmeg.

1 tablespoonful cloves.

1 tablespoonful allspice.

1 pint wine.

1 pint brandy.

Mix these ingredients well together with the meat, at least a week before using it. When needed take out as much moat as required, and to every pint add nearly two pints of chopped apple.

Mince meat made in this way without apple is surd to keep, and adding the apple fresh gives it a very find flavor.