Casserole Roast

3 or 4 pounds beef Slice of salt pork carrot turnip


A few peppercorns Stalk of celery chopped 2 cups water or stock

For this roast select beef from the round or rump. Render out the pork; brown the meat on both sides in the fat. Chop the vegetables; put the meat in the casserole with the vegetables around it; add the water or stock and cook in a hot oven for three hours, basting occasionally. When done make a brown sauce, using the juice left in the casserole.

Casserole Hash

pound macaroni Grated cheese

Butter Cold chopped meat

Brown sauce or stock

Boil the macaroni; drain and put it in a buttered casserole with a little butter and grated cheese. Push the macaroni to the sides of the dish; fill the center with the meat, well seasoned and moistened with brown sauce or meat stock. Place in the oven until hot throughout and serve.

Baked Beans En Casserole

See recipe in chapter on "Meat Substitutes."

Macaroni In Ramekins

See recipe for Baked Macaroni with Cheese in chapter on " Meat Substitutes"; but bake in ramekins.

Rice In Ramekins

See recipe for Baked Rice in chapter on "Meat Substitutes"; but bake in ramekins.

Brown Fricassee Of Oysters

2 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons flour 2 slices onion Sprig of parsley

cup oyster juice cup cream 25 oysters Salt

Buttered bread crumbs

Scald the oysters in their own liquor and drain. Cook the flour in the butter; add the onion and brown; add parsley and oyster juice; cook until it thickens and add the cream. Add oysters and salt; pour into ramekins; cover with fine crumbs and brown in the oven.

Scalloped Oysters In Ramekins

Follow the recipe for Scalloped Oysters given in the chapter on "Fish"; but use ramekins for baking.

Halibut Au Gratin

1 cups cooked halibut ll/2 cups cream sauce

3 hard-boiled eggs 1 cup cracker crumbs

4 tablespoons butter

Pick the halibut into small pieces; crush the yolks of the eggs and chop the whites into small pieces. Stir fish and eggs into the hot cream sauce. Fill ramekins with the mixture; cover with crumbs and bits of butter and brown in the oven.

Salmon Au Gratin

Prepare the same as Halibut au Gratin.

Eggs In Ramekins

In the bottom of each ramekin put a small piece of butter and a few fine bread crumbs; break an egg into each; season and bake until the egg is set.

Chicken In Ramekins

1 cups cold chicken Few gratings of nutmeg

1 cup cream sauce Buttered bread crumbs

Mix the chicken thoroughly with the cream sauce; add the nutmeg and empty into buttered ramekins. Cover with buttered bread crumbs and bake until brown.

Cold beef, lamb and veal may be served in the same manner.

Shin Meat En Casserole

2 pounds shinbone 2 cups carrots 1/2 cup onion 1 cup celery

1 teaspoon salt 1 cup boiling water 1/2 saltspoon pepper 1 tablespoon flour

Cut the meat from the bone in two-inch pieces; remove the marrow from bone. Put part of the marrow into the bottom of the casserole, then half the meat, half the vegetables, the rest of meat and seasoning and the marrow over the top; place in hot oven twenty minutes, covered. Add one cup boiling water; cover; reduce the heat and let bake slowly two and a half hours, or until tender, in bottom of oven. Once or twice water must be added. When the meat is tender, add the flour mixed with a little cold water.

Sweetbreads En Casserole

2 pair sweetbreads 12 lardoons salt pork 4 tablespoons butter 1 cup veal broth

cup celery, onion and carrot, chopped 6 mushroom caps cup thick cream Salt and paprika

1 pint cooked peas

Let the sweetbreads stand an hour or longer in cold water, changing the water several times and removing unedible portions; drain, cover with boiling water, and let simmer ten minutes; let chill in cold water; then draw into the best side of each lardoons of fat salt pork. Melt the butter in a frying pan and in this brown the sweetbreads; set in the casserole; add veal broth (highly seasoned with half a cup of cut celery, onion and carrot, tied in a muslin for removal) to half cover the sweetbreads; cover with lid and let simmer in the oven nearly an hour. Saute mushroom caps in butter and add these to the casserole; let cook fifteen minutes, when the broth should be well reduced; add cream, salt and paprika to season and hot cooked peas, letting the peas settle to the bottom of the dish and drawing the sweetbreads and mushrooms above them.

Veal Collops En Casserole

2 pounds veal (from leg) 2 bits of salt pork 4 tablespoons pork fat 1 onion 4 cloves

2 sprigs parsley Water

1 green pepper, chopped 1 tablespoon butter

3 tomatoes

Salt to taste

Have the veal cut in slices about three-fourths of an inch in thickness; cut these in pieces for serving, and into each draw a bit of salt pork. Cook hot pork fat until nicely browned; remove to the casserole and add an onion into which four cloves have been pressed, parsley, and stock or boiling water nearly to cover the veal. Saute a green pepper, chopped fine, in a tablespoon of butter, and add this, with the tomatoes cut in pieces, also salt to season; cover the dish, and let cook in a moderate oven about an hour and a half. If desired the liquid may be thickened with flour mixed with cold water to a thin paste. Remove the onion and parsley before serving.