Radishes (58) Olives

Puree of Tomato, Parmentier

Coquilles of Scallops, Indienne

Potatoes, Anglaise (185)

Cotelettes of Venison, Poivrade Sauce (54s)

Stuffed Green Peppers (230)

Roast Chicken (290) Lettuce Salad (148)

Apple Fritters with Rum

1037. Puree Of Tomato, Parmentier

Have in a saucepan two tablespoons melted butter. Slice finely half a peeled carrot, half each an onion, leek, branch of celery and green pepper, one branch chopped parsley and half ounce raw, lean ham; add all these to the pan, lightly brown for ten minutes, frequently stirring meanwhile. Mix in three tablespoons flour, pour in a quart fresh, crushed or canned tomatoes and two quarts of white broth (No. 701). Season with a level tablespoon salt, one tablespoon sugar and half teaspoon white pepper. Mix well and let gently simmer for one hour. Cut two medium, raw, peeled potatoes into small dice pieces, cook in a saucepan with a pint water and a half teaspoon salt for twenty minutes, then drain. Strain the soup into a tureen, add the potatoes and serve.

1038. Coquilles Of Scallops, Indienne

Place a pound and a half very fresh scallops in a pint of boiling water with half teaspoon salt and boil for five minutes. Drain, and keep a gill of the liquor for further use.

Mix in a saucepan one tablespoon butter with two tablespoons flour. Moisten with a gill milk, the liquor from the scallops and a half gill cream. Season with half teaspoon salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper and a half teaspoon curry powder; mix well until it comes to a boil. Add the drained scallops, mix a little, then cook for five minutes. Divide the preparation evenly into six table shells, lay them on a tin,spread two tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese over, set in oven for ten minutes, remove and serve.

1039. Apple Fritters With Rum

Prepare a batter for fritters as per No. 204. Peel and core three medium, sound apples. Cut each into four even slices and place them on a plate with an ounce sugar and a tablespoon rum, mix well and let infuse for fifteen minutes. Dip the apples in the batter, turn over for a half minute, then drop, one by one, into boiling fat and fry for ten minutes, frequently turning them with a skimmer meanwhile. Lift up, drain well on a towel, neatly trim, dress on a dish with a folded napkin, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over and serve.