Baked Apples (44) Swiss Mush (2564)

Eggs Cocotte, Justine

Perch, Saute, Meuniere (2097)

Calf's Liver with Bacon (155)

Baked Potatoes (683)

Lemon Cakes (577)

2828. Eggs Cocotte, Justine

Place a gill demi-glace (No. 122) and a tablespoon Madeira in saucepan and let boil for five minutes. Pour in a half gill cream, mix well, add little by little a half ounce fresh butter, sharply mixing with whisk while adding it, and evenly divide sauce in six egg-cocotte dishes. Crack two fresh eggs in each dish, season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper evenly divided, set in oven for five minutes, remove and serve.


Oysters, Vaudeville (222)

Chachelique, Caucases

Macaroni au Gratin (160)

Apple Tartlets

2829. Chachelique, Caucases

Cut two pounds raw beef from rump in quarter-inch slices, place in an earthen jar, add a sliced white onion, half gill vinegar, two tablespoons sherry, half gill white wine, teaspoon salt and half teaspoon freshly crushed black pepper, mix well, then let marinade for two hours. Take up beef, place on a broiler and broil over a brisk charcoal fire for four minutes on each side, remove and dress on hot dish and keep hot. Place marinade in a saucepan and let reduce on open fire to one-third the quantity, then pour in a half gill each demi-glace (No. 122) and tomato sauce (No. 16), mix with wooden spoon and let boil for eight minutes. Strain sauce through a Chinese strainer over beef, arrange a thin slice of lemon on top of each and serve.

2830. Apple Tartlets

Lightly butter six individual tartlet moulds. Roll out on a lightly floured table a half pound pie paste (No. 117) to one-fifth inch in thickness. With a pastry cutter cut out six pieces a shade larger than the moulds, line tartlets with paste, then neatly spread a teaspoon apple jelly at bottom of each. Cut four apples in quarters, peel and core, then finely slice. Place in a bowl, with an ounce powdered sugar, two saltspoons cinnamon in powder and half teaspoon vanilla essence, turn well in seasoning, evenly place in the six moulds and set in oven for thirty minutes. Remove, spread another teaspoon apple jelly over surface of each, take up from moulds, dress on a dish with folded napkin, sprinkle a little powdered sugar over and serve.