Hindustan Curry Powder is composed of 27 of the best and purest ingredients obtainable.

My purpose to devise and offer to the public a reliable, good, mild, pure curry powder was one of the principal objects of the exhaustive research I made in all the important cities of the Orient, the best and most renowned curry fields of India in particular, and the result of the study and experimenting has enabled me to put on the market a condiment for nearly everything in cookery surpassing any similar article that has been placed on the market in any part of the world. Even when it seemed that my formula was completed, a valuable addition of still other ingredients was made to harmonize the various articles utilized, making it most delicious and effective. Especially is it valuable for soups, fish, oysters, clams, lobster, shrimps, scallops, crab-meat, frogslegs, terrapin in all styles, soft shell crabs, beef, prepared in various ways; chicken, minced, fricassee, sauted, stewed, "marengo," broiled, roasted; duckling, broiled, sauted, stewed; squabs in the same manners as above; boned turkey; lamb, chops, braised, stews, kidneys; mutton, stews, chops, braised, kidneys; veal, stews, cutlets, blanquette, braised, kidneys; sweetbreads in various ways; pork chops; roast; curing hams; bacons; head cheese as well as beef-tongues; rabbits; eggs in various ways; salad dressing, vinaigrette for asparagus; French artichokes, etc.; sauces, including Mayonnaise, Tartare, Bearnaise, Rice-Risotto; macaroni, spaghetti, noodles, gnocchi, mushrooms, and other vegetables.

Every package contains a booklet of recipes. Sold by Park & Tilford; Acker, Merrall & Condit; C. Charles & Co.; Jules Weber, and many others.