Stewed Prunes (1)

Cracked Wheat (656)

Eggs Cocotte, with Tomato Sauce

Fish Cakes (5)

Broiled Lamb Chops, with Bacon (219)

Hashed Potatoes, Sautees (50)

Buckwheat Cakes (330)

550. Eggs Cocotte, With Tomato Sauce

Pour two tablespoons tomato sauce (No. 16) in an egg cocotte dish. Carefully crack in two fresh eggs. Season with half saltspoon salt and one-quarter saltspoon white pepper. Spread a teaspoon cold cream over the eggs; then prepare five other cocottes the same as the first. Place them in a tin and set in the oven for six minutes. Remove and send to the table.


Mutton Broth in Cups

Curried Shrimp

Beef Croquettes, Piquante Sauce

Jerusalem Artichokes, Persillade

French Pancakes, au Curacao

551. Mutton Broth In Cups

Chop up very finely with a cleaver one pound and a half fresh neck of mutton, including the bones, and place in a saucepan with a medium sliced carrot, one ditto turnip, two ditto leeks, two branches chopped celery, two branches parsley, one sprig by a leaf, one clove and one saltspoon thyme; pour in two and a half quarts cold water, season with a tablespoon of salt, cover the pan and let slowly boil for one hour and fifteen minutes, being careful to skim off the fat every ten minutes Strain the broth through a napkin into six cups and serve.

552. Curried Shrimp

Place in a saucepan thirty-six good-sized cooked shrimp, with two tablespoons of sherry. Cover the pan and let steam on the range for five minutes. Then pour in a hot curry sauce, prepared as per No. 54, lightly mix and heat for two minutes, without boiling, and serve in a hot soup tureen.

553. Beef Croquettes, Piquante Sauce

Mince very finely all the lean beef left over from yesterday. Place it in a bowl and add half the quantity of bread crumbs. Chop very finely one medium white onion, place it in a saucepan with a teaspoon melted butter and lightly brown for six minutes; add it to the beef, with a tablespoon fresh chopped parsley and one bean chopped garlic. Season with a teaspoon salt, half teaspoon white pepper and a saltspoon grated nutmeg. Crack in two raw eggs and add one gill cream. Sharply mix with a wooden spoon for five minutes. Divide the preparation into twelve equal parts, roll them in flour, giving them nice croquette forms.

Heat in a large frying pan three tablespoons melted lard; place the croquettes in the pan, one beside another, and fry for four minutes on each side. Drain well and dress on a hot dish. Pour a hot piquante sauce over them, prepared as per No. 177, and serve.

554. Jerusalem Artichokes, Persillade

Peel and wash well eighteen good-sized Jerusalem artichokes; plunge them in a quart of boiling water with a teaspoon salt and boil for fifteen minutes. Drain on a sieve and place in a frying pan with a tablespoon melted butter. Season with a saltspoon salt and a saltspoon white pepper and cook them until a nice golden colour all over, turning them once in a while. Sprinkle a light teaspoon chopped parsley over, slightly toss and serve.

555. French Pancakes, Au Curacao

Prepare a French pancake batter, as per No. 17, adding two tablespoons curacao to the preparation, and proceed to make the cakes exactly the same way.