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Celery en Surprise (20) Pim-Olas

Consomme Vert-Pre

Planked Smelts, Colbert Potatoes, Chassepot (123)

Larded Sirloin of Beef, Ottmann

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Lamb Chops Saute, Minute (2305)

Lima Beans, Stanford (2198)

Punch, Violette (474)

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Ice Cream au Chocolat (523)

2912. Consomme, Vert-Pris

Prepare a consomme (No. 52), strain into a saucepan, set on the fire, and as soon as it comes to boiling point dredge in two ounces tapioca. Mix with wooden spoon while adding, let gently boil for fifteen minutes, mixing once in a while, then add two tablespoons each cooked asparagus tips, cooked green peas, twelve string beans cut in short pieces, the leaves from a branch each parsley and chervil. Lightly mix, boil for five minutes, pour consomme into a soup tureen and serve.

2913. Planked Smelts, Colbert

Thoroughly wipe twelve good-sized, fresh smelts, cut off a little of the tails only, then split open through front without separating and season all over with teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper. Lightly oil an oak plank-shad board, place the smelts on plank one beside another, baste with a little melted butter, then set in oven for twenty-five minutes. Remove, squeeze juice of half a sound lemon over them, and send to table on the plank with a Colbert sauce (No. 121).

2914. Larded Sirloin Of Beef, Ottmann

Remove fat and trim skin from lean part of top of a three-pound piece tender sirloin of beef. Cut from a piece of larding pork twenty-four very thin strips an inch long, then with aid of a larding needle insert strips of pork on surface of meat and season all over with a good teaspoon salt and half teaspoon pepper.

Place a mirepoix (No. 271) in a roasting pan, spread tablespoon melted lard over vegetables, then lay sirlpin on top, baste with a little melted butter, set in oven for forty-five minutes, basting and turning once in a while. Remove, take up beef, dress on hot dish and keep hot. Skim fat off gravy, then place contents of pan in small saucepan, pour in two tablespoons sherry, half gill white wine, let reduce on open fire to a glaze, then add one gill demi-glace (No. 122), lightly mix and boil for eight minutes. Shift pan to corner of range, mix in little by little a half ounce fresh butter, briskly mixing meanwhile. Arrange fresh mushroom stuffing (No. 1803) around sirloin, strain sauce into a saucebowl and send to table separately.