Celery (86) Caviare (159)

Potage, Allemande

Carp, Sauce Genevoise Potatoes, Bordelaise

Loin of Veal, Champeau

String Beans (139)

Redhead Duck, Currant Jelly (37)

Chicory Salad (38)

Pudding, Menagere

1187. Potage, Allemande

Cut one medium carrot, one turnip, one onion, two leeks and two branches of celery into extremely small square pieces. Place these in a small saucepan with half a pint hot water, one ounce butter, half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon white pepper. Cover the pan, set on the range, and as soon as it comes to a boil place in the oven for thirty-five minutes. Remove, add two tablespoons of asparagus tips and three tablespoons of barley (boiled in a pint of water with half teaspoon salt for forty minutes and drained) and keep hot.

Knead in a saucepan one ounce butter with two ounces flour; heat for one minute, then add one pint milk and two and a half pints white broth (No. 701). Sharply mix with a whisk for two minutes, then add the above vegetables; boil for ten minutes, season with half teaspoon salt, one saltspoon cayenne pepper, mix well again and serve.

1188. Carp, Sauce Genevoise

Scale, trim the fins and neatly wipe a three to three-and-a-half pound carp. Place in a large saucepan one sliced carrot, one sliced onion, one sliced leek, two branches parsley, one bay leaf, one sprig thyme, two cloves, a gill vinegar, one gallon water and a tablespoon salt; boil for fifteen minutes, then add the fish. Cover the pan and let simmer for forty minutes. Lift up the carp with two skewers, place on a large hot dish, drain the water from the dish, and if any of the vegetables, etc., adhere to the fish also remove them. Pour a Genevoise sauce over the fish and serve.

1189. Sauce, Genevoise

Place in a saucepan half a sliced carrot, half a sliced onion, half ounce raw, lean ham, cut into small pieces, one bay leaf, one sprig thyme, one clove, a teaspoon whole black pepper, one clove garlic and two branches parsley, adding one tablespoon butter; neatly brown the vegetables for ten minutes, occasionally stirring. Add one gill claret and one gill of the fish broth. Let reduce to half the quantity, then pour in one and a half gills demi-glace (No. 122); mix a little and let slowly boil for twenty minutes, strain the sauce through a cheesecloth into a bowl and use as required.

1190. Potatoes, Bordelaise

Peel four medium, sound, raw potatoes. Finely slice them and wash in cold water; drain, plunge them into boiling fat and fry for five minutes. Remove, drain on a cloth. Heat one.light tablespoon butter in a frying pan, adding one finely chopped white onion and cook for three minutes. Add the potatoes, season with half teaspoon salt and two saltspoons pepper, toss well and slowly fry them for twenty minutes, frequently turning them meanwhile. Dredge over half a teaspoon of freshly chopped parsley, toss a little, dress on a hot dish and serve.

1191. Loin Of Veal, Champeau

Procure a fine piece loin of veal with kidney. Trim off the spine bone as well as the fat, fold up the flap over the kidney, firmly tie with string, place in a braizing pan, with a sliced carrot, a sliced onion, two branches parsley, one branch garlic, one ounce finely sliced salt pork and one tablespoon freshly crushed, whole black pepper; add two tablespoons melted lard. Season with a teaspoon salt and let brown on the fire for ten minutes. Moisten with a pint broth and two gills demi-glace (No. 122). Boil for five minutes, then set in the oven to braize for one hour and ten minutes, turning and basting it quite frequently meanwhile. Remove, dress on a hot dish, untie, skim the fat from the gravy, then strain the gravy into another saucepan; add to it twelve finely sliced canned mushrooms, reduce it for ten minutes, range a puree of chestnuts (No. 1019) at each end of the dish, pour the sauce over the veal and serve.

1192. Pudding, Menagere

Peel, core and mince three medium, sound apples. Place in a vessel with three ounces bread crumbs, three ounces sugar, two ounces wellpicked currants, one ounce chopped candied lemon peel, two tablespoons brandy and half teaspoon ground cinnamon. Mix all well. Crack in three fresh eggs, pour in two gills milk and one gill cream; mix well with the wooden spoon for five minutes. Lightly butter and sugar a quart pudding mould, pour in the preparation, lay it in a saucepan with hot water up to half the height of the mould. Set in the oven to bake for forty minutes. Remove, unmould on a hot dish, pour a coffee sauce over and serve.

1193. Coffee Sauce

Pound one ounce best quality fresh roasted coffee beans in a mortar to a fine dust. Have a gill boiling milk in a small saucepan, add the coffee, cover the pan and let boil for two minutes; remove the pan from the fire, let stand on a table for ten minutes, place three egg yolks in a small saucepan and add two ounces of fine sugar. Strain the coffee through a cheesecloth into the egg pan, pour in a light gill cream, briskly mix with a whisk for two minutes, set the pan on the fire and continually mix for five minutes while heating without boiling, remove, strain through a cheesecloth and use as required.