Radishes (58) Canapes of Caviare (59)

Potage Spaghetti, Lucernoise

Polenta Quenelles

Kingfish with White Wine

Potatoes, Brioche (91)

Squabs, en Cocotte, with Fresh Peas

Green Corn Sautes

Roast Ribs of Beef (126)

Chicory Salad (38) Souffle of Maraschino (325)

2141. Potage Spaghetti, Lucernoise

Prepare and strain a consomme (No. 52) in a saucepan, pour in one pint tomato sauce and let boil until required. Boil four ounces spaghetti in a quart water with half teaspoon salt ten minutes, remove, drain on sieve and cut in half-inch pieces; add to the consomme with a polenta quenelles garnishing prepared as below, boil ten minutes longer, pour the soup into a tureen and serve with two ounces grated Parmesan cheese separately.

2141 A. Polenta Quenelles

Place three egg yolks in a bowl with one ounce butter, briskly stir with wooden spoon six minutes, or until creamy, then dredge in two and a half ounces yellow farina for polenta (Indian meal flour), season with two saltspoons salt, one saltspoon pepper and half saltspoon grated nutmeg.

Mix well one minute. Have two quarts boiling water with a teaspoon salt in a saucepan on fire. Take up a teaspoon of the preparation, smooth surface with blade of a knife dipped in hot water, and with another teaspoon, also dipped in hot water, scoop out the preparation and drop it in the boiling water. Quickly proceed in same way until all the polenta is used. Boil until firm, drain on a cloth, neatly trim all around and use as directed.

2142. Klngeish With White Wlne

Scale, trim fins and cut off heads from two very fresh kingfish of one and a half pounds each. Split open without separating through front, remove spinal bones, place in a sautoire with half ounce butter, one gill white wine, a gill water, three finely sliced shallots, a branch parsley; squeeze in juice of quarter of a sound lemon. Season with half teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper. Cover fish with buttered paper and slowly boil on range twenty minutes. Lift up with a skimmer and place on a hot dish; remove all water from around fish on dish. Knead on a plate one ounce butter with an ounce flour and add it, little by little, to the fish liquor and briskly mix with a whisk while adding, then boil ten minutes. Dilute one egg yolk with a tablespoon cream, add to the sauce and sharply mix while heating one minute. Strain the sauce through a Chinese strainer over the fish. Arrange six heart-shaped bread croutons (No. 90) around fish and serve.

2143. Squabs, En Cocotte, With Fresh Peas

Cut off heads and legs from six fresh squabs, draw and truss. Place on a tin, baste each with a little melted butter, then set in a brisk oven ten minutes. Remove and place in an earthen cocotte dish, add three-quarters pint shelled peas, from Monday, one ounce raw lean ham cut in quarter-inch-square pieces and twelve small onions previously browned in a teaspoon of butter. Season with a teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, moisten with one gill broth and one gill tomato juice. Knead a teaspoon butter with a teaspoon flour and divide in small bits over all. Tie in a bunch one branch parsley, one branch chervil, half a bean garlic and add to the squabs. Tightly cover, then set in oven forty-five minutes. Remove and send to the table without uncovering.

2144. Green Corn Sautes

Cut off stalks, remove leaves and silk from six medium, sound ears green corn. Plunge in three quarts boiling water with one gill milk and a teaspoon salt, and boil twenty-five minutes. Lift up, let cool off a little. Carefully run a knife between the sections - lengthwise - so as to easily detach from cob, then with back of knife blade press grains off cobs. Have an ounce butter in a black frying pan, and when it is thoroughly hot add the corn. Season with half a teaspoon salt and three saltspoons pepper, toss well and fry ten minutes, frequently tossing meanwhile. Transfer to a vegetable dish and serve.