[See page 239 for weights and measures where scales are not convenient.

Groom's Cake

1 pound of sugar. 1 pound of butter and:

12 yolks of eggs, beaten to a foam. Mix and beat thoroughly together. Add:

1 pound of flour, browned. 2 pounds of currants.

2 pounds of raisins. 1 pound of citron. 12 whites of eggs beaten stiff.

Mix part of the flour with the fruit and stir it in with the sugar, butter and yolks; then add the whites of the eggs, stir in the remainder of the flour and add 2 tablespoonfuls of mixed spices and 1 gill of rose water.

Bake three hours. Frost with yellow frosting, using part of the yolks left from the Bride's Cake.

Bride's Cake

1 pound of flour. 1 pound of sugar.

teaspoonful of soda.

1 teaspoonful of cream-tartar.

pound of butter. 16 whites of eggs.

1 teaspoonful of almond flav-oring.

Beat to a cream the butter and sugar, mix with the well-beaten whites of the eggs, then the flour sifted with the soda and cream-tartar. Stir gently and thoroughly and bake in a moderate oven. Frost with white frosting, using the yolks and the remainder of those that have not been utilized in the yellow frosting for the Groom's Cake to make a loaf of Gold Cake. For a wedding these three cakes, viz.: Groom's Cake, Bride's Cake, and Gold Cake, should be made together.

Dried Apple Cake

1 cupful of dried apples soaked in water over night, then chopped and stewed two hours in 1 cupful of molasses. Add to this:

2 eggs.

cupful of butter or lard.

4 cupfuls flour.

2 teaspoonfuls cinnamon.

teaspoonful cloves.

1 cupful sugar. 1 cupful sour milk. 1 teaspoonful soda. 1 teaspoonful mace or grated nutmeg.

Raisin Cake

2 cupfuls of sugar. 8 eggs.

1 cupful molasses. 1 teaspoonful of cream-tartar. 1 pound of raisins.

1 cupful of butter, or butter and lard. 1 cupful of milk. teaspoonful soda. 5 cupfuls of flour.

Spice to taste. By adding currants and citron this becomes a very nice fruit cake and will keep some time.

White Citron Cake

1 cupful of butter.

1 cupful of sweet milk.

2 heaping teaspoonfuls of baking powder.

2 cupfuls of sugar. 4 cupfuls sifted flour. Whites of 6 eggs.

Cream the butter and sugar and add the other ingredients. Flavor with vanilla. Put into the cake-pan a layer of cake, then a layer of citron cut in thin strips. Alternate in this way until the cake sponge is all used. This will be found more ornamental than stirring the citron into the cake, which may be done, however, if preferred. If wished more common 3 whole eggs may be used instead of the whites of 6. If the whites are used, the yolks may be utilized in a yellow frosting or other ways of disposing of them.

Angel's Food

1 gobletful of powdered sugar. 1 gobletful sifted flour.

Whites of 11 eggs.

1 teaspoonful cream-tartar.

Beat the whites to a stiff froth. Sift the sugar four or five times, sift the cream-tartar through the flour four times. Add the sugar to the eggs slowly as if frosting were being made, add the flour, the same stirring lightly and as little as possible, then the flavoring, 1 teaspoonful vanilla, or lemon, or rose. Bake in a deep, new, unbuttered tin three-fourths of an hour. When done, open the oven-door and let it cool off gradually. After a few minutes, if the pan has a tube, turn it upside down upon it, if not, rest it upside down upon two bricks or other supports. When entirely cold, loosen from the sides of the tin with a sharp knife. Do not allow it to be jarred or shaken in the oven, nor open the door for the first fifteen minutes, as much of the success of this delicious sweet depends upon the baking. Half-moon shaped tins 4 inches deep are used by fancy bakers for this cake.