Fried Steak - To Make Tender

Mrs. R. H. James, Otsego, Wis.

Rub the steak with saleratus and let stand 2 hours, or over night. Rinse off quickly and wipe dry. Have a spider well heated, and greased with butter. Put the steak in, turn it often to sear it over and keep the juices inside. Set it on the back part of the stove, covered for a short time. Then remove to a hot platter, and season with butter, pepper, and salt. It is easier than broiling and tastes as well.

Dried Beef

Chip half a pound of dried beef fine; put it in a stewpan, well covered with cold water. When it comes to a boil, pour off, and put over it a pint and a half of milk. Thicken this with a good tablespoon of flour wet with cold milk or water. Put in a bit of butter and pepper, and serve with baked potatoes. A nice breakfast or lunch for home people.

Beef Tongue

If it is corned it should be soaked a few hours before boiling. Cook till done, then peel. If it is to be served hot, make a sauce of a can of tomatoes, an onion, a carrot, salt and pepper, a spoon of flour, well cooked and strained, and poured over. If to be eaten cold, put a weight on it; when ready to serve, cut in very thin slices.

Beef Heart Equal To Tongue

In the forenoon, put the heart into a weak brine. In the evening, change to another brine. In the morning, put to cook in boiling water and cook fully 3 hours. When tender, have ready a dressing of bread crumbs, mixed with melted butter, and pepper, and salt, and stuff it. Put it in an oven 20 minutes, to cook the dressing. Let get cold, and slice very thin; season with a little salt and pepper, if necessary.

Pressed Beef

Buy a shank of beef. Boil till it falls from the bone. Remove every piece of bone, boil down a little longer. Season well with pepper and salt, add a bit of sage, if liked. Pour into a form. Excellent cold.

Stuffed Pressed Beef

Mrs. A. S. Johnston, Leavenworth, Kas.

Take a large steak, spread it with well-seasoned dressing; roll up, sew it in a stout bag and boil 3 hours in salted water. Take it out, put a weight on and press until cold; then slice.

How To Press Corned Beef

Put over in cold water and boil till the bones fall out. Let it cool in the water; then remove, wrap it tightly in a towel, put in a cool place with a weight on it. Slice very thin. Garnish with pickles.

Beef Sausage Cake

One pound salt pork, 2 of raw chopped beef. Salt and pepper. Make into balls and fry.

Spiced Beef

3 pounds raw beef chopped with 1/2 pound suet. Add 2 eggs.

1/2 pint crumbs of bread.

4 tablespoons cream.

1 teaspoon butter.

2 teaspoons summer savory. 1 teaspoon salt.

1/2 teaspoon pepper. Mix and work into a loaf, using flour to bind it. Bake in a pan and baste with butter and water. It will cook in 2 hours, or perhaps less time. Slice cold.

Deviled Kidneys

Miss Juliet Corson.

Three tablespoons of oil, 1 of vinegar, saltspoon of salt, pinch of pepper, and a teaspoon of mustard. Dip the sliced kidneys in the above mixture and broil them. After they are broiled, sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on. Serve when plenty of water can be afforded. Deviled means very hot.