Old-Fashioned Boiled Dinner

Put the corned beef in a large kettle of cold water, soon after breakfast (if for noon dinner). About 10 o'clock, put in the salt pork, in a solid piece, 1 or 2 pounds, according to size of family. At the same time, wash beets very carefully and put in. If they are very large, put them in an hour earlier. Wash some carrots very thoroughly; if large, put them in at this time; if small, they may be put in with the potatoes. At 11 o'clock, put in peeled turnips, cut in 3 or 4 pieces. Scrape some parsnips and put in at the same time. Divide a head of cabbage in 4 parts, lengthwise, and put in at the same time, with good-sized peeled potatoes, allowing a good half hour for them to boil. Beets will not injure the looks of the other vegetables if the skin is not broken. When done, put them in cold water, to remove the skin, cut lengthwise in 3 or 4 pieces, and dish up. Take up the cabbage in a vegetable dish, after draining well. A platter is scarcely large enough to hold such a variety of meat and vegetables, and it is unhandy to cut up the meat; hence, it is better to dish up in separate dishes. A piece of red pepper cooked with a boiled dinner improves it. Grated horse-radish, or any bottled sauce, should be served with it. The best dessert with this dinner is a boiled Indian pudding.

Pot Roast Of Beef

Get a solid piece from the round, about 5 pounds. Put in a medium-sized kettle, that can set in the oven. Put it over the fire in hot water, to cover it. Boil slowly for 3 hours or more; season well; then remove the meat, and thicken the gravy with flour and water. Put the meat back in; set in the oven; put a cover over and let cook slowly till needed; 2 hours will not hurt. This mode of cooking will make the toughest beef tender. Serve in a large platter with part of the gravy; but dish up the greater part in a gravy dish.

Roast Beef

Put the beef in a dripping-pan without water into a very hot oven for the first half hour, that the outside may sear over and keep the juices inside. When half done, the oven heat may be lessened, and the meat salted and peppered. Pour in sufficient water and thicken for gravy when the meat is done; 15 minutes to the pound, if wished rare in the center, or 20 minutes will make it well done. Cranberry sauce or jelly, turnips, celery, or any kind of canned vegetables, may be served with roast beef.

Roast Beef With Yorkshire Pudding

When roasting a piece of beef, set it up on a cricket or muffin rings, so that the juice will drop into the pan below; 3/4 of an hour before it is done, mix up the following and pour into the pan under the meat: 1 pint of milk, 4 eggs, beaten very light, pinch of salt, 1 cup of flour. Cut in pieces and serve with the roast.

Beefsteak Stuffed With Potatoes

Bone a large and tender steak, scatter over it bits of butter, pepper, and salt, a little sage, and finely-chopped onion. Then a thick layer of mashed potatoes well seasoned. Roll up, sew or fasten with skewers. Put into a baking-pan with a cup of stock or gravy, and cook slowly, basting often. Serve with a rim of mashed potatoes around the platter, and garnish with water-cresses.