Stewed Mushrooms

Take meadow mushroom buttons and remove the stems. Clean them with flannel and salt. Rinse in cold water and dry on a towel. For a quart of these put 3 tablespoon-butter in a thick iron spider or stewpan. When melted and beginning to brown, put in the mushrooms and let simmer 3 or 4 minutes. Shake the vessel to keep them from stick ing or burning. Salt them and add a pinch of cayenne pepper and pounded mace. Let stew 10 or 15 minutes until tender, and pour into a warm dish. Serve at once. Either a breakfast, dinner, or lunch dish.

Baked Mushrooms

Take the mushroom flaps, cut off a portion of the stalk, peel the top, and clean with flannel and salt. Put into a tin baking-dish with a small lump of butter on each one. Dash a little pepper over them and bake about 20 minutes if of medium size. Pile the mushrooms, high in the center, on a very hot dish, pour the gravy around and serve immediately on hot plates.

Broiled Mushrooms

Use the mushroom flaps. Cut a portion of the stalk off", and peel the top. Wipe the flaps with flannel and salt. Place in a wire broiler over a clear fire; turn once, and take up on a hot dish. Put lumps of butter, pepper, and salt, and a bit of lemon juice on them. Put into a hot oven for an instant, and serve on hot plates immediately.

Mushroom Toast

Proceed exactly as for stewing, and when tender add a teaspoon of flour; shake the pan till the flour is browned. Add a cup of broth, and stir a moment. Then add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice. If you have no broth or gravy, use fresh milk or cream instead, with a grating of lemon peel and a bit of nutmeg. Mushroom catsup is also nice to add. Whether milk or gravy is used, the mixture should be poured on to a thick slice of toast, buttered.