IN the absence of a regular freezer, a covered tin pail will answer very well. It should be set in a wooden pail enough larger than itself to allow plenty of room for the ice and salt. The inner vessel should be about the same depth as the outer. If it is much less, there is great danger of the salt water entering it as the ice dissolves and the vessel descends. Another reason, the mixture can be more easily stirred if the vessel rests on a solid foundation. To prepare the ice, put it in an old gunny-sack, and pound with a hatchet or mallet into lumps about the size of hickory-nuts. Have the freezer or pail set firmly in the center of the tub or bucket. Fasten the cover on very securely. Allow about 2 pounds of coarse salt to 6 pounds of ice. Put a 3-inch layer of ice at the bottom, then a thick layer of salt, until the tub is filled to the top of the freezer, with salt for top layer. Pack firmly. Turn the freezer or pail briskly for 5 minutes. Then brush the salt carefully from the cover; take it off. Stir the cream thoroughly from bottom and sides. Replace the cover. Turn again for 5 minutes. The accumulated water must be dipped out, if there is no hole in the bottom of the tub. Add more ice and salt as fast as needed. As the cream forms into consistence, scrape it from the sides and beat very hard, for on this depends the smoothness of the cream. Continue the turning until the cream is well set. If it is to be served from the freezer, pour off all the water, fill up with ice, putting a layer on top of the cover, spread a woolen blanket, or double a piece of carpet over, and set aside till wanted. If it is to be molded, fill the molds, pressing it in very firmly when the cream is well frozen. Pack the molds in ice and salt until wanted. Dip them in hot water for an instant, and turn out. Mold half or three-quarters of an hour before serving.

Lemon Ice Cream

Two gallons fresh milk, 4 pounds sugar, 6 eggs, well-beaten, 2 tablespoons lemon extract. Mix together and freeze.

Lemon Ice Cream. One quart of cream, juice and grated rind of 1 lemon, 1 cup white sugar; mix and freeze.

Vanilla Ice Cream

Two gallons fresh milk, 4 pounds sugar, 6 eggs, well beaten, 2 tablespoons vanilla. Mix together and freeze.

Vanilla Ice Cream

One quart cream, \ pound sugar (granulated), half a vanilla bean. Boil half the cream with the sugar and bean, then add the rest of the cream. Cool and strain. If extract of vanilla is used, do not boil it, but put in when ready to freeze. Make it strong with flavoring, as it loses strength by freezing.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Two gallons fresh milk, 4 pounds sugar, 6 eggs, well beaten, 1 cup grated chocolate. Dissolve the chocolate in warm milk. Then mix together and freeze. Eggs may be dispensed with if cream is used instead of milk. Add 2 tablespoons vanilla, if liked.

Chocolate Ice Cream

Allow I tablespoon of grated chocolate dissolved in warm milk and § cup nice brown sugar to every quart of cream. Put in when partly frozen.

Cocoanut Ice Cream

Take a good-sized cocoanut, pare and grate very fine.

Mix with 1 cup sugar and 1 quart sweet cream. Freeze, and during the freezing process stir well from the bottom and sides.

Fruit Ice Cream

To every pint of fruit-juice, allow a pint of sweet cream. The quantity of sugar will depend upon the acidity of the fruit used. Consult other recipes in this chapter for a guide. Apples, peaches, pears, pine-apples, quinces, etc., should be pared and grated. Small fruits, such as currants, raspberries, or strawberries, should be mashed and put through a sieve. After sweetening with powdered sugar, and stirring thoroughly, let it stand until the cream is whipped - 2 or 3 minutes. Put together and then whip the mixture for 5 minutes. Put into the freezer, stirring it from the bottom and sides 2 or 3 times during the freezing process.

Tea Ice Cream

Scald a pint of milk with 4 tablespoons good tea. Take off, and in about 5 minutes strain into a pint of cold cream. Heat the mixture to scalding, and mix with it 4 well-beaten eggs and 2 cups sugar. Mix thoroughly, let it cool, and.

Coffee Ice Cream

Two quarts cream, 1 pint milk, 4 eggs, 2 tablespoons arrowroot, 2 cups strong liquid coffee, 4 cups white sugar. Mix the arrowroot in 1/2 cup cold milk, and add to the well-beaten eggs. Pour over this mixture a pint of milk, heated to boiling. Let cool and add the cream. Put into the freezer. Stir thoroughly. When partly frozen, add the coffee. Beat well, and freeze.


Mrs. S. C. Kelley, Mexico, Mo.

Dissolve 1 box of gelatine in a pint of warmed milk. Beat very light the yolks of 8 eggs; add 2 large cups sugar. After mixing the eggs and sugar thoroughly, add the warmed milk. Then put in 1/2 gallon of cream, stirring all the time to prevent the gelatine from congealing. Flavor with vanilla, pour into the freezer, and freeze quickly. It is best to dissolve the gelatine in enough boiling water to cover it before using the milk. The whites of eggs are not used.