Oeufs En Aspic

Sliced hard-boiled eggs ornamentally set in a mould of aspic jelly, turned out on a border of salad.

Oeufs Au Tomate

Hard-boiled, the whites cut in strips in tomato sauce, in a dish with border of fried bread, the yolks chopped and spread on top.

Golden Eggs

Hard-boiled, shelled, breaded and fried whole.

Sunshiny Eggs

Eggs fried on one side, with tomato sauce poured over in the dish.

Egg Omelets

See omelets.

Plover's Eggs

See plover.

An Epicure On Eggs

"I agree with Falstaff, in his contempt for the prevalent absurdity of eating eggs, eggs, eggs at breakfast. ' No pullet sperm in my brewage,' say I. I prefer chicken to the egg, and the hen, when she is really a fine bird and well roasted or grilled, to the chicken".