The elder grows by the side of creeks almost everywhere; the berries attain a somewhat larger size and juicier condition, however, in cool summer climates.

Elderberry Syrup

The expressed juice is boiled with sugar, cloves, cinnamon and sugar, bottled and used to make hot drinks.

Elderberries In Pies

They are mixed with apples and thus give a flavor, a new fruit in effect.

Elderberry Catsup

Berries with boil ing vinegar, salt and spices; used for fish sauce.

Elder Brandy

The juice with some spirits added.

Elder Wine

Boiled juice with sugar, spices and yeast, fermented, racked off and bottled. At a hotel at Hastings, Douglas Jerrold was dining with two friends, one of whom, after dinner, ordered a bottle of old port. "Waiter," added Jerrold, with a significant twinkle of his eye, "mind now, a bottle of your old port, not elder port".

Beignets De Fleurs De Sureau

Fritters of sprigs of elder flowers.