One of the most serious of the minor difficulties is connected with the issuing of supplies early in the morning. If the bakers and cooks get a late start, not only will the breafast be ill-cooked and short of some of the dishes which the bill of fare promises, but they scarcely will catch up with their work during the whole day. The bakers want material to use at four o'clock in the morning, the subordinate cooks need numerous things such as oatmeal, lard, potatoes, cracker-dust, onions and potatoes to get their respective shares of the work of preparation done before the head cook comes. The requisitions for the several departments have been written out the night before, and when the storekeeper throws open the doors, there is a rush of work upon him, and while he is weighing, measuring and booking the supplies issued, a valuable half-hour or more is lost, perhaps, by each of a dozen hands, and if he is late himself the trouble is so much the more serious. It is contrary to good hotel rules and to good policy to issue the stores over night, the store-room is the place provided to keep such property locked up in.

But to facilitate the morning issues the good rule is to have the requisitions from kitchen and bakery sent down over night, together with the pans and pails to hold the goods, the storekeeper fills the orders and books the amounts before closing up, and when the doors are opened next morning the stores can be handed out without delay.

Store-Room Hours

In every well regulated hotel there are four times in the day, periods of one hour each, when stores are issued, after that the store-room doors are locked, and it must be something very urgent to make them open again before the next regular time. This rule is necessary to prevent the storekeeper's time being consumed by a constant doling out of trifles, it makes the cooks and others think what they are going to want and make one order of It. For the storekeeper has much else to do besides issue provisions as has been already shown, and must close his doors in order to do his book-keeping, receiving, auditing accounts and stock-taking. The times of issue aie early in the morning and then just alter each meal, or, rather, while each meal is in progress he issues for the next meal, because it is absolutely necessary that he shall be in the store-room during meals, to be ready to issue special goods which may be unexpectedly needed for some particular orders.