Cream Of Asparagus

Save the water in which the asparagus has been cooked; make a cream sauce of two tablespoonfuls of butter; two tablespoonfuls of flour, two cupfuls of rich milk and one level tcaspoonful of salt; put the butter into a saucepan and melt; add the flour and cook together, being careful not to allow it to brown; add the milk cold, stirring constantly until it thickens; then add the water, about one quart; season with salt and pepper, and serve. The tender tips of asparagus may be served in the soup as a garnish.

Cream Of Celery

Make a celery broth by stewing sonic tough bits of celery in water until the water is nicely flavored; cook together one tablespoonful of butter and two tablespoonfuls of flour; then add two cupfuls of celery broth, cold; stir until it thickens; add another cupful of the broth and a cupful of rich milk; heat to the boiling point; season with salt and pepper and serve.

Cream Of Salsify Or Oyster Plant

Cook together on tablespoonful of butter and one of flour; add two cupfuls of salsify broth made by stewing the salsify in water until the water is well flavored; stir constantly until it makes a smooth sauce; add two more cupfuls of the broth and simmer five minutes; then add one cupful of milk and half a cupful of cream; heat boiling hot; season to taste and serve.

Cream Of Chicken

Two tablespoonfuls of butter,

One cupful of milk.

Three cupfuls of chicken broth.

Two tablespoonfuls of flour,

One cupful of cream,

Salt, pepper and celery salt.

Cook together the butter and flour; add chicken broth, cold, stirring constantly until it thickens: add milk and cream; season to taste; heat boiling hot, and serve. If the broth be added hot. add a little at a time until a smooth sauce is formed then add more rapidly.

Cream Of Tomato, Or Mock Bisque

One quart can of tomatoes, Four cloves,

One tablespoonful of sugar, One tablespoonful of butter, One pint of water,

One and one-half cupfuls of rich milk, Four pepper corns, A pinch of soda, One tablespoonful of flour.

Stew the tomatoes, water, cloves, pepper corns, sugar and soda together until the tomatoes are tender; then strain, removing the skin and seeds; cook the butter and flour together; add the milk cold, stirring constantly until it forms a smooth sauce; add one pint of the stewed and strained tomatoes; season with pepper, salt and cayenne; heat scalding hot, and serve immediately; if allowed to stand the soup will curdle; should it curdle beat with a Dover egg-beater until smooth.

Puree Of Green Pea

One tablespoonful of butter, One and one half cupfuls of water, Two cupfuls of green peas,

Two cupfuls of white stock veal or chicken. Two tablespoonfuls of flour.

Cook the peas in the water until tender; drain and rub through a sieve; cook together the butter and flour; add the stock and stir until thickened; add the peas and the water in which they have been cooked; simmer five minutes; season with salt and pepper, and serve.

Note. - To make puree of any vegetable, cook the vegetable until very tender; rub through a puree sieve, and use to thicken the soup. Always use a small quantity of cornstarch, arrow root or flour in puree to keep the vegetable from settling and to make the soup smooth.

Split Pea Soup

One cupful dried split peas, Three pints of cold water, One-half teaspoonful of sugar, One teaspoonful of salt,

One saltspoonful of white pepper, One tablespoonful of butter, One tablespoonful of flour.

Soak the peas over night in cold water; put on to boil in three pints of fresh cold water and simmer until dissolved; as the water boils away add more, keeping three pints in the kettle; when soft, rub through a strainer; add enough water, stock, milk, or cream to make it the consistency of thin cream; cook the flour and butter together; add the salt, pepper and sugar; add a little of the strained soup, stirring constantly until you have a smooth sauce; then add to the soup and simmer ten minutes; serve with croutons. It must always be made with flour to hold the peas in solution, otherwise it will separate as it cools.

This soup may be varied by cooking a ham-bone with the peas, or adding a cup of stewed and strained tomatoes just before serving. One small onion chopped and browned in butter and cooked with the pens gives a delicious flavor.

Bisque Of Lobster

Two large cans of lobster.

One quart of milk,

One teaspoonful of salt.

One saltspoonful of white pepper,

Dash of cayenne pepper, One pint of water. One tablespoonful of butter, Two tablespoonfuls of flour.

Cut the tender portions of the lobster into tiny cubes, about one cupful; put the remainder into the water and cook twenty minutes. adding more water as it boils away; cook the flour and butter together, add the milk, and stir until smooth; add the seasonings; strain in the lobster liquor' and cook five minutes; put the diced lobster into the tureen and strain the boiling soup over them; serve immediately.

Potato Soup

Three potatoes,

One pint of milk,

One teaspoonful of salt.

One-half teaspoonful celery salt.

One tablespoonful of butter,

One teaspoonful of minced onion, One stalk of celery. One-half saltspoonful white pepper, Dash of cayenne pepper. One-half tablespoonful of flour.

Tare the potatoes and soak half an hour in cold water; put them into boiling water and cook until very soft; drain and mash; cook the onion and celery in the milk in double boiler: strain and add to the mashed potato; cook the butter and flour together, stir it into the boiling soup: let it boil five minutes, and serve very hot. The flour thickening keeps the potato from settling and makes the soup smooth and creamy. If a richer soup is desired, use one quart of milk. and just before serving add two eggs, well beaten.

Clam Chowder

Two dozen clams.

One-fourth pound of salt pork,

One tablespoonful of butter,

One quart of milk,

One-half teaspoonful of pepper,

Six potatoes.

One onion.

One teaspoonful of salt.

Six crackers.

Buy the clams in the shell: scrub the shell until clean: put clams into a pan with one cupful of water and cook until the top ones open: take the clams from the shell and cut off the neck with a pair of scissors; chop the necks fine. leaving the soft part whole; save the clam broth; pare and cut the potatoes into thin slices and soak in cold water one hour; cut the pork in small pieces and fry in a pan; add the onion, chopped Hue, and cook until lightly browned; put the sliced potatoes into a kettle; strain the pork fat into it and add enough boiling water to cover the potatoes; cook until the potatoes are tender, or about ten minutes; add the clam broth and the same amount of water; add salt and pepper and clams, and lastly add the hot milk and butter; put the crackers into the tureen and pour in the chowder; serve very hot.

Fish Chowder

Remove the bones from a fresh white fish; cut the fish into two-inch pieces; cover the bones with water and let simmer for fifteen minutes; proceed the same as for clam chowder, using the water in which the bones have been boiled instead of the clam juice.