Currant Punch

1 cupful cracked ice 1 cupful currant juice

1/2 cupful sugar 1 tablespoonful lemon juice

10 sprays fresh mint

Shake ice and sugar till sugar is dissolved, then add mint, pouring over it the lemon. Add currant juice and enough water to make one quart of this liquid. If too strong, add more water.

Fruit Punch

1 1/2 doz. lemons 10 quarts water

1 doz. oranges 8 cupfuls sugar

1 doz. bananas 1 pint canned raspberry juice a few strawberries or cherries

Roll lemons and oranges to loosen juice, slice, slice bananas, add the other ingredients and ice, and serve from a punch bowl.

Grape Juice Punch

juice of 6 lemons juice of 2 oranges 1 quart grape juice

2 cupfuls sugar

2 quarts Apollinaris water small pieces of pineapple

Boil sugar with enough cold water to cover it, till it resembles syrup. Let it get perfectly cold, then mix all but Apollinaris water in the punch bowl, adding that water just before serving. Have plenty of ice in the bowl.

Russian Tea Punch

1 quart strong tea

2 cupfuls sugar

1 quart Apollinaris

2 tablespoonfuls orange juice 1/3 cupful lemon juice sliced orange, pineapple and cherries

Have all ingredients ice cold, mix and pour over ice in punch bowl just before serving.

Temperance Punch

5 lemons 1 quart water

1 cupful sugar 1 quart ginger ale

1/2 doz. sprays of mint

Slice lemons, cover with sugar and let stand one hour. Add water and ginger ale in equal proportions till strong enough to suit. Crush part of the mint sprays and add to the punch which should be poured over a block of ice in the punch bowl.

Violet Punch

1 cupful grated pineapple fresh violets

4 cupfuls water 2 quarts water

2 cupfuls sugar 1 cupful grape juice 1 cupful strong tea juice of 2 oranges juice of 2 lemons

Cook pineapple in two cupfuls water fifteen minutes, strain through cheese cloth, add two more cupfuls water and sugar, and boil ten minutes. Let cool, add cold tea, two quarts of water and other ingredients, pour over ice in punch bowl and serve with two violets in each glass.

Have the punch bowl surrounded by violets, if a dainty effect is desired.

Wine Punch

2 quarts wine 3 sliced oranges

2 sliced lemons 2 quarts Apollinaris

2 cupfuls sugar

Have all of these ice cold, mix and pour over ice in a punch bowl. Or use these ingredients -

2 quarts wine 1 quart champagne

1 quart Apollinaris