Creme De Menthe Sauce

1 cupful cream mint flavoring

1/3 cupful sugar nuts green. coloring

To the stiffly whipped cream add sugar, flavoring and coloring (which may be purchased at drug or candy store). Serve the ice cream in sherbet cups, put the sauce on top and sprinkle with a few finely chopped nuts.

Chocolate Sauce

1/2 cupful milk 1 cupful sugar

4 tablespoonfuls melted chocolate

Mix milk, chocolate and sugar in double boiler, stirring till sugar is dissolved, then boiling till syrup hairs. Serve ice cream in sherbet glasses, pouring hot syrup over it.

Strawberry Sauce

Boil for ten minutes three-fourths of a cupful sugar and one-half a cupful of water. Put a pint of strawberries through a sieve. When syrup is cold, add the berries and one-half teaspoonful vanilla. Serve with vanilla ice cream.

Grape Sherbet

1 cupful grape juice 1 cupful milk

1 1/3 cupfuls sugar juice of 1 lemon

Allow the milk to become very cold in the freezer before adding the other portions, then freeze.

Lemon Sherbet

1 quart milk 2 1/2 cupfuls sugar juice of 2 lemons juice of 1 orange

Strain orange and lemon juice, add sugar and melt over fire. When melted, set out to cool. Have the milk thoroughly chilled in the freezer and when the juices are cold, add to the milk and freeze in the usual way.

Ice Substitute

If ice is not obtainable, put in a box about three feet square, coarse salt to the depth of five inches. Keep it moist to set milk, butter and food in.

To prevent dishes slipping when placed on ice in the refrigerator, first place a newspaper over the ice.

How To Keep Butter Without Ice

Put the butter in a small pan, and set this small pan in a larger pan which contains enough water to reach the top of the butter pan. Put two tablespoonfuls of salt in this water. Place a flower pot in the water and after it has absorbed all it will hold, invert it over the butter. Re-soak the flower pot occasionally.

Serving Punch Artistically

Heat a stove poker and melt a small hollow in the center of a large block of ice. Keep punch ready to fill in this hollow as fast as it is used.