We are indebted to Mr. Bartholmew, of West field, Chatauque Co., N. Y., for samples of Isabella and Blackberry Wines, the latter being very good of its kind. The Isabella is a real wine, without any foreign addition whatever, is as clear as a crystal, with a fine aroma, and comes fully up to the mark of a first-rate article.

The Human Voice; its right Management in Speaking, Reading, and Debating, including the Principles of true Eloquence, together with the Functions of the Vocal Organe; the Motion of the Letters of the Alphabet; the Cultivation of the Ear; the Disorders of the Vocal and Articulating Organs; Origin and Construction of the English Language; proper Methods of Delivery; remedial Effects of Reading and Speaking, etc. By the Rev. W. W. Cazalet, A. M., Cantab. New York, Fowler and Wells, 308 Broadway. - This is by no means the least meritorious of the useful and popular works issued by the Messrs. Fowler and Wells. While dissenting from some of the views of the author, we find so much that is useful, and that ought to be more generally known and understood, that we give the work a hearty commendation. Though it seems to have been written mainly to meet the wants of special cases, we know of no class of readers who would not be greatly benefited by giving it a careful perusal.

Address delivered before the New York State Agricultural Society, at the Annual Meeting, Albany, February 9, I860, by Abraham B. Conger. - We are indebted to Secretary Johnson for a copy of the above Address, received too late, however, for notice in our present number. We shall read it hereafter.

The Historical Magazine, and Notes and Queries concerning the Antiquities, History, and Biography of America. April, 1860. - An able publication, devoted exclusively to our domestic history and antiquities, and embracing among its contributors the best historical writers of the day.

Isabella Wine #1

We are indebted to Mr. Hite for samples of Isabella and Elderberry wines. The latter is made in imitation of claret, but is very "stout/' and not intended for children. The Isabella is a good wine, and does credit to Mr. Hite's skill.