The new issue of Vick's Floral Guide, for 1875, judging from advance sheets, which we. have received, will be the very best literary work Mr. Vick has ever performed. It is a perfect glossary of garden flowers, with every possible item and directions to assist in their cultivation, and the most complete the country has ever seen. The book, for now it is a book, contains divisions into annuals, perennials, bulbs, climbers, garden vegetables, greenhouse plants, etc. Under these divisions, each flower has a full description, with illustrations, so that any cultivator may, at any moment, turn to it and learn all that his fancy could desire. No prices are given in this part of the book, but will be published at the end in the shape of an index. We need not add that it is issued in Mr. Vick's usually tasteful style, and we would specially recommend that Mr. Vick keep the plates of the literary portion of the book, and bind the pages up into a volume for permanent circulation, and convenient reference by the public at large.

It would make a publication of great use, and be everywhere well appreciated.