Clouds, To Protect From Frost

It seems that, in Southern France, means have been used to protect grapes from early frost by producing artificial clouds. Small cauldrons of coal-tar are placed a short distance from each other, and about 260 yards from the vines, in the direction of the wind. As soon as there are signs of " Jack's " appearance, the tar is ignited and allowed to burn until an hour after sunrise, the vessels being changed with the wind. Thus the wine-makers secure what the Concord Sage calls "a Cuban climate for their clusters." Similar experiments were tried in some portions of the United States many years ago, and always with conspicuous success when judiciously conducted. Where tar is not available, or too costly, brushwood, or any similar rubbish which will make a low, smoldering fire and emit a dense Smoke, may be used in its place.

Club List Of 100 Papers

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Cneorum - Daphne

The garland flower, or trailing Daphne cneorum, has been only recently introduced to notice, although an old and well-known plant. For rock-work planting, for points on beds or borders, it is one of the best as well as attractive plants. Its flowers are bright pink, sweet scented, and produced freely in April and May, and again in September.

Coach-Makers1 Magazine

It was news to us, as it may be to many of our readers, to learn that there was a publication devoted to coach-making, and a capital periodical of its kind it is, coming within the scope of notice in a work devoted to rural art. The Coach-Makers' Illustrated Magazine is published at New York, by C. W. Saladee, at three dollars per annum; it is a quarto, profusely illustrated, and doubtless a very useful publication., There is also another, issued in Ohio. What next?