As a market fruit and for baking, stewing or preserving, there is no variety superior to this comparatively unknown sort. The tree is a strong grower, and bears early and surely, rarely or never musing a crop. This fruit for the dessert is not very desirable, but for the purposes above named, the Jefferson is certainly one of the indispensable varieties. Fruit large to very large, nearly resembling the B. Diel in shape and size, while in beauty it excels everything else in the pear line that we have ever seen. Color a delicate light yellow, suffused with a rich, bright carmine blush that entirely captivates the eye of every beholder. Had the flesh a like effect upon the palate, the perfection of a market or dessert pear would be fully attained.


A new and very beautiful variety of a fine rosy orange color, finely spotted on a light sulphur ground: extra fine.

Jetty Lacy

The form of the leaf good, the zone notable for splendid shades of chestnut, brick-red, and jet black, makes a brilliant specimen.

Joan Of Arc

An indispensable variety wherever the Gladiolus is grown; flowers a delicate white, slightly tinted with rose and striped with rich violet carmine: extra beautiful.

Jocelyn's Black Cap Raspberries

Mr. Peck has sent us some of this improved Black Cap, with which we are much pleased. The berry is fully twice the size of the common Black Cap, is more fleshy, very productive, and has the full flavor peculiar to the wild plant. The fruit has brought a good price, and it may prove a valuable kind for market.

Jodoigne Green Gage

Size and form of good green gage, beautifully marked with purple; fine quality; September.

John Hopper

Deep rose, with crimson center; very large and fine form.

John J. Goldsmith, Waverly, 111

The pea sent is well known; it is called the Oregon, and has not given satisfaction where we have known it to be planted.

Josephine De Malines

Tree - vigorous, and a good bearer, forming a handsome pyramid, and may be worked either on the Pear or on the Quince stock, and it may be planted against an east or west aspect. Fruit - small from a standard, middle-sized from a wall, obovate. Flesh - fine, buttery, juicy, sugary, and perfumed. Season - January to March. Raised by Major Esperen, of Mechlin.

The Journal Of Rational Medicine

Edited by C. H. Cleaveland, M. D., Cincinnati. Terms, $ 1 per year.

The Journal Of The New York State Agricultural Society

Descriptive Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, cultivated and for sale at the Prospect Hill Nursery, Massillon, Ohio, by S. B. Marshall 1861-62.

Catalogue of Plants cultivated and for sale by Peter Mackenzie & Son, Camellia Place, Broad street and Columbia avenue, Philadelphia, Pa.

Patriotism of the Plow: an Address delivered before the Queen's County Agricultural Society at the Twentieth Annual Exhibition, at Flushing, L. I., October 3, 1861. By Richard C. McCormick. - An address full of interesting historical reminiscences. It was listened to with marked attention; we shall find room for a few extracts.

New Haven Nursery, Fruit-Trees, Evergreens, etc., F. Trowbridge & Co., Proprietors. - Attached to this circular is a brief treatise on the cultivation of the Cranberry, which Mr. Trowbridge makes a specialty.