At a meeting held in the Chemistry class-room of Queen's College, Kingston, the Botanical Society Of Canada was duly inaugurated. Among those who took a leading part in the exercises were the Rev. Principal Leitch, D.D., of Queen's College; Mr. Drummond, of the Montreal Bank; Professors Williamson, Wier, Mowat, Stewart, Yates, and Lawson; Mr. May, B.A., Queen's College School; Dr. Yates, Dr. Dupuis, Odessa, C.W.; Mr. Thibodo, Mr. Skinner, Mr. Ferguson, and many other distinguished citizens.

The Rev. Dr. Leitch was called to the chair, and announced the object of the meeting in a very interesting address. He was followed by Professor Lawson, who, in an able and clear manner, pointed out the great and interesting objects which might be accomplished by the Society, taking occasion, during his remarks, to pay a well-deserved compliment to our own countrymen, Professors Gray and Torrey. Professor Litchfield followed, with some practical suggestions in regard to the formation of a Botanical Garden, etc. Professor Mowat reported a draft of laws for the government of the Society, which was adopted. The first relates to the object of the Society, which is the advancement of botanical science in all its departments, structural, physiological, systematic, and geographicaland the Application of botany to the useful and ornamental arts, eta The second relates to members, of which there are four classes: honorary members, fellows, annual subscribers, and corresponding members. The third relates to the election of honorary members, the number of which is limited to twenty-four: six in Britain; four in Canada; four in other colonial possessions; four in the United States; and six in other foreign countries. The fourth relates to the election of fellows.

The fifth relates to annual subscribers • any person may become an annual subscriber on the payment of two dollars. Lady subscribers are also provided for. The sixth relates to corresponding members, from whom no payment is required. The seventh relates to fines and penalties. The eighth relates to the Council, which consists of a president, two vice-presidents, twelve councillors, a secretary, a treasurer, four curators, and a librarian. The ninth and last relates to local secretaries.

A committee was appointed to nominate officers for election at the next meeting. A committee was also appointed to prepare rules for regulating the exchange of specimens among members, the distribution of seeds, eta Another committee wag appointed to consider the propriety of printing a catalogue of Canadian plants, etc. Still another committee was appointed to nominate foreign botanists, and others, suitable for election as honorary and corresponding members. These committees having been appointed, about one hundred gentlemen came forward and gave in their names as members. A vote of thanks was then passed to the chairman, Rev. Dr. Leitch; after which the members retired to the laboratory, where tea was served, and some time passed in examining books of plates, microscopical preparations, etc., etc. The next meeting will be held on the 11th of January for the election of officers, etc.; on which occasion scientific papers will be read by Professors Blackie and Lawson, Dr. Dupuis, Dr. Lindsay, and others.

We trust the Society thus founded will grow into fair proportions, and be the means of diffusing stores of useful knowledge in the peculiar sphere of its operations.