The Annual Meeting of this Society was quite spirited, evincing a desire, on the part of its members, to re-establish its former prosperity and usefulness. The following list comprises the officers elected for the ensuing year:

AMASA MASON, President. Col J. R. Smith and Myron Stilwell, Vice Presidents. Hiram C. White, Treasurer. Jno. B. Eaton, Corresponding Secretary. Charlbs f. Clarke, Recording Secretary.

Buffalo Horticultural Society #1

The annual meeting of the Buffalo Horticultural Society, was held February 19th,

President, Lewis Eaton, in the chair.

On motion, T. Burwell, Esq., was appointed Secretary, pro. tern.

The Treasurer, A. A. Howard, read his report, which shows a flourishing condition of the finances.

The Society then proceeded to the election of officers.

Lewis Eaton was re-elected President, but declined the office, and

On motion of H. B. Potter, his declination was accepted, and the thanks of the Society tendered him for his valuable services.

On the second ballot, Benjamin Hodge was unanimously elected President of the Society for the ensuing year.

Vice Presidents - Abner Bryant, H. B. Potter, Joseph 6. Masten, and Jas. W. Brown.

Cor. Sec'y - W. R. Coppock.

Rec, Sec'y - Jno. B. Eaton.

Treasurer - A. A. Howard.

The following committes were appointed:

Flowers and Flowering Plants - W. R. Cop-pock, J. W. Brown, F. Bryant, C. F. S. Thomas and E. Ford.

Fruits - L. F. Allen, Lewis Eaton, H. W. Rogers, J. G. Masten and J. Dart, Jr.

Vegetables - J. Sexton. O. Allen, R. Had-fleld, S. J. Mills and T. Burwell.

On motion of L. F. Allen, it was

Resolved, That the President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary be constituted a committee on the subject of printing.

Resolved, That the Society hold four exhibitions during the ensuing season - in the months of May, June, August and September.

On motion of Lewis Eaton.

Resolved, That the Society hold monthly meetings throughout the year, at such time and place as may have been appointed at the previous meeting.

tanical Society in Montreal - present, Messrs. Shephard, Garth, Taylor, Turner, Small, Archibald, Spriggings, Cockburn, Brown, Carroll, Laurence and Allan.

It was resolved to form such a Society, to be called the "Montreal Botanical Society," having for its object, principally, mutual instruction in the study of Botany, the investigation of Plants indigenous to the country, and the classification and examination of the Fruits cultivated in Canada.

It was resolved, in order that information regarding the structure, uses, and classification of Plants may be more widely disseminated, that a Library be formed principally of Botanical works.

The following gentlemen were appointed office-bearers for the ensuing year, viz.- President - Mr. Shephard.

Vice President - Mr. Garth.

Treasurer - Mr. Spriggins.

Secretary - Mr. Brown.

Buffalo Horticultural Society #2

The annual meeting was held January 6th, Vice President Bryant presiding. A communication was received from the President, B. Hodge, declining a re-election, and the following officers and committees were elected for the ensuing year:

President - Abner Bryant.

Vice-Presidents - 1st. Charles Taintor. 2d. Warren Granger.

Treasurer - Austin A. Howard.

Cor. Secretary - William R. Coppock.

Rec. Secretary - John B. Eaton.

Committee On Fruits And Fruit-Trees

Benj. Hodge, Chas. Taintor, Geo. F. Pratt, Jos. G. Masten, Warren Granger.

Committee On Flowers And Flowering Plantt

Wni. R. Coppock, Jas. W. Brown, Isaac F. Bryant, Elijah Ford, A. Mason.

Committee On Vegetables

Jason Sexton, H. W. Rogers, Jno. R. Prince, Jos. Dart, Orlando Allen.

Committee On Entomology And Manures

Lewis F. Allen, William Treat, S. T. Haven.


Abner Bryant, Charles Taintor, Austin A. Howard, Benj. Hodge, Jason Sexton, Warren Granger, John B. Eaton, William R. Coppock, Lewis F. Allen.

The Society will hold its annual exhibition on the 14th and 15th of September, and the semi-annual, on the 22dand 23d of June. Jno. B. Baton, Rec. Secretary.