The Society met at Lewis Eaton's - The President in the Chair.

Fruits Exhibited

By Mrs. Vandewater; two varieties for a name.

The committee appointed to publish the Transactions of the Society for the past year, reported progress.

After a discussion of the apples presented, and on various other subjects, the Society adjourned.

Feb. 17. Met at Benjamin Hodge's - Vice-President Taintor in the Chair.

Fruits Exhibited

By Benj. Hodge - Apples: American Golden Russet, Beauty of Kent, Brabant Bellfleur, Carthouse, Esopus Spitzen-burgh, English Russet, King, LymansPumpkin Sweet, Lady, Minister, Michael Henry Pippin, Pownal Spitzerburgh. Roxbury Russet, Swaar, Westfleld Seek-no-rarther. Peart: Glout Morceau, Pound.

By W. R. Coppock - Apples: Tellow Newtown Pippin, Sweet Pearmain. Swaar, North-em Spy, Crow's Nest Russet.

By L. F. Allen - Apples: Ladies' Sweet. Spencer.

By W. Granger - Apples: Baldwin, Northern Spy. Swaar.

The following were tested and discussed - Apples: Ladies' Sweet, American Golden Russet, Northern Spy. Sweet Pearmain, Minister, King, Newton Pippin, Spencer, Carthouse, Westfleld Seek-no-farther, Brabant Bellfleuer. Pears: Glout Morceau.

The committee on the library reported a list of works which had been purchased for the use of the Society.

W. R. Coppock stated that Messrs. Mason and Lovering had tendered to the Society the gratuitous use of a room for the purpose of holding the semi-monthly meetings, whereupon, on his motion, their offer was accepted, and the thanks of the Society unanimously voted to them therefor.

March 8

The Society met at Lewis F. Allen's - The President in the Chair.

Fruits Exhibited

By L. F. Allen - Pears: Easter Beurre, very fine, from Ellwanger and Barry, of Rochester.

By B.Hodge - Apples: Fall water, Jonathan, Fameuse, Lovett's Sweet.

By W. Granger - Apples: Esopus Spitzen-berg, Swaar, Baldwin, Roxbury Russet.

By L. Eaton - Apples: Baldwin.

The following were tested and discussed - Pears: Easter Beurre. Apples: Fameuse, Jonathan, Baldwin, Swaar.

March 16 - The Society met at the residence of the President, A. Bryant, who presided.

Fruits Exhibited

By A. Bryant & Son-Apples: Baldwin, Esopus Spitzenberg, West-field Seek-no-farther, Lady. Fameuse, Talmas Sweet, Rhode Island Greening, Golden Basset, Pomme Gris, Winessp.

By B. Hodge - Northern Spy, Swaar, Brabant Bellfleuer, Lyman's Pumpkin Sweet.

By L. Eaton - Baldwin.

The Osage Orange was stated to be but slightly injured by the winter, And its fitness for a hedge plant was generally admitted.

The following peart were discussed: French Jargonelle. Louise Bonne de Jersey, Steven's Genesee. V. M. Leon le Clerc, Duchess de An-goaleme, Winter Nelis, and Orange.

On motion of W. K. Goppock , a vote was passed recommending to the public Messrs. Mason & Lovering's Agricultural Warehouse, which was ordered to be published.

The Society then adjourned. J no. B. Ea-tojt, Recording Secretary.

Buffalo Horticultural Society #1

April6 - The New York state Agricultural Society having appointed a time for holding their Fair which would conflict with the Society's annual exhibition, it was determined to change the time of holding the latter to the 9d and 3d of September. Adjourned.

May 4 - Prizes were awarded to Mason and Lovering for a display of pot plants, S3, and for lettuce, 91.

May 18 - Prizes were awarded, For the best six varieties pnnsies. to A. H. Bryant, $1 00 do three bunches asparagus, L. Eaton,.. 2 00 do 12 stalks rhubarb, Bryant & Son..... 1 00

June 1 - Exhibited by Mrs. Vandevemer - apples, Northern Spy. Mrs. L. Eaton, tulips- 10 varieties. Mrs. H. Shumway, Jonquils. Mason & Lovering, Cactus Ackermauia, Epiphyllum Jenkinsonii, Cereus speciosmi-ma in pots. Tulips, 50 varieties. Two boquets of Roses, Geraniums, Verbenas, Heliotropes, Euphorbias, etc.

A. Bryant & Son - Tulips. 20 varieties - Fannies, 4 varieties, .Spirea pruuifolia, Lily of the Valley, Snowdrops. Pyrus japonica, etc. Asparagus, 3 bunches - Rhubarb, 4 varieties.

The prize for the best 10 varieties Tulips, was divided between Mrs. Eaton and Messrs. Mason and Lovering.

The secretary was directed to procure suitable signs to be used on days of holding meetings and exhibitions.

The Northern Spy Apples shown by Mrs. Vandevemer were tested, and found to be perfectly sound, full of richness, aroma, and high flavor - and the society was unanimous in esteeming it the very best late keeping apple. Adjourned. John B. Eaton, Rec. Secretary.

Buffalo Horticultural Society #2

The Semi-annual Exhibition was held on the 29th and 90th of June. Owing to the unusual backwardness of the season, the display was scarcely so fine as that of last year - many varieties of roses not being in bloom, and cherries, with the exceptiou of the earliest sorts, not being yet ripe. The Hall, however, presented a beautiful appearance, decorated, as it was, with wreaths of evergreens, interspersed with flower, and having in the center a beautiful floral temple. Many new and rare varieties, both of fruits and flowers, were for the first time exhibited - and not withstanding the many unfavorable circumstances with which the Society was obliged to contend, the Exhibition gave general satisfaction.

The display of Strawberries was large, and in the opinion of the committee, excelled in point of quality and variety, that of any former show.

Buffalo Horticultural Society #1

Several meetings having recently been held with a view of reestablishing this Society, (its operations having been of late suspended): it was finally reorganized on May 20th, by the election of the following officers:

President - Horace Williams. Vice-Presidents - E. G. Spaulding, Joseph Dart. Treasurer - Geo. F. Foote. Recording Secretary - Jno. B. Eaton. Corresponding Secretary - Thos. Stephenson. Managers - Dennis Bowen, James W. Brown, A. P. Thompson, Warren Granger, Richard Bully more, Benjamin Hodge, Frederick P. Stevens, Wm. A. Coats, D. S. Manley.

Buffalo Horticultural Society #1

The June exhibition of the Society was held at St. James Hall, on June 23d and 24th. The hall was very handsomely decorated with flowers.

Taking into consideration the extremely unfavorable weather, the exhibition was an undoubted success. In fruits, the show of grapes, cherries and strawberries, particularly the former, was very interesting, and the various collections embraced the following sorts:


Black Hamburg, Grizzly Frontignan, West's St. Peter's, Zinfindal and Pitmaston White Cluster, from the President and Hon. E. G. Spaulding.


American Amber, Mayduke, Bigarreau, Bigarreau de Lyon, White Bigarreau, Ohio Beauty, Doctor, Cleveland Bigarreau, Rockport Bigarreau, Black Tartarian, etc., from Messrs. Hodge, Eaton, Manley, Coppook, Bullymore, Coats, Clark and Stevens.


Wilson's Albany, Monroe Scarlet, Bicton Pine, Schreike's Pistillate, Necked Pine, Longworth's Prolific, Hovey's Seedling, Crimson Cone, Large Early Scarlet, British Queen and Peabody's Seedling, from Messrs, Townsend, Warren, Beecher, Coppock, Need-ham, Playter, Presbrey and Barton.


White Grape, Cherry, May's Victoria and Black Naples.

The grapes were the feature of the exhibition, and attracted universal attention. They were mostly well grown and colored, and reflected much credit upon the producers. Prizes were awarded.

In flowers the entries are too numerous to specify the contributors. Roses were badly affected by the frost, and fewer in number than on former occasions. Miscellaneous flowers were abundant, as well as pot plants, and beautiful bouquets were presented.

The show of vegetables was limited, although fine rhubarb, radishes, cucumbers, etc., were exhibited, and no prizes were awarded in this department.