The stated meeting of this Society occurred, at the Concert Hall, on Tuesday evening, August 19 1856, Dr W. D. Brinckle in the chair. Premiums were awards us follows, viz: -

Committee On Plants And Flowers

Collection of twelve - to John Pollock, gr. to J. Dundas; for the second to Chas. Sutherland, gr, to J, Anspach, Collection of six - to Mark Hill, gr, to M. W. Baldwin, Specimen Plant - to J. Pollock; second to C- Sutherland. Table Design - second to J. J. Hubermehl. Basket - the same; second to Mark Hill, Bouquets - best pair to Henry A+ Dreer; second to J. J. Habermehl New Plant- - three dollars, for a fine Allamnuda Sleboldii. first time shown, to J. Pollock; one dollar, for Achimenes Ambrosic Verchafietii, pretty, to Robert Boist. Special - two dollars to H. A. Drocr, for a fine basket; to R Ellvlngion, for two table designs; to J. J. Habormehl, for fine German Altera.

Committee On Fruit

Grapes - three bunches of a black variety, to J. Riley, Asylum;second, William Grassie, gr. to J.Tucker; for three bunches of white to J.Riley: second to Chas.Sutherland.Plums, twenty-four specimens of six varieties - to J.McLaughlin, gr. to J.B.Baxter. Pears - the same. Apples, best three varieties - to S.W.Noble, of Montgomery Co. Special Premiums of one dollar to G.W.Earle, for plyms; to J.Lindsay, for Bolmar's Washington Plums; to M.Hill, for two new varieties of watermolons.

Committee On Vegetables

For the best display, by a market gardener, to A.L.Felten.

On motion, ordered that the President appoint delegates to attend the sixth session of the American Pomolo-gical Society, to be held at Rochester, New York, 26th of September.

Ordered, that the thanks of the Society be tendered to Dr. Frederick Leclare, an honorary member, for his treatise on the Care of Cholera Asiatics.