The regular stated meeting of this Association was held on Tuesday evening, December 18, 1855, at Concert Hall, E. W. Keyser in the chair.

Premiums were awarded by the Committee on Plants and Flowers: - Collection of Twelve Plants - for the best, to Thomas Robertson, gr. to B. A. Fahnestock; for the second best, to Robert Buist. Specimen Plant - for the best, to Thomas Robertson; for the second best, to John Pollock, gr. to James Dundas. For New Plants - a premium of two dollars for Bahamina Hookeri, to the same; of three dollars for Thyrsicanthus rutilans, Cytisus onospermus, Aphelandra aurantiaca, to Thomas Robertson. Special Premiums - three dollars to Robert Buist, for a collection of Correas, and one dollar to Robert Eilvington, for a fine specimen of Cypripedium insigne. Table Design - for the best, to Barry Higgins, gr. to D. R. King; for the second best, to Thomas Meghran, gr. to M. Bouvier. Basket - for the best, to J. J. Habermehl, gr. to J. Lambert; for the second beat, Mark Hill, gr. to H. W. Baldwin. Bouquets - pair - for the best, to John Dick; for the second best, to J. J. Habermehl.

By The Committee On Fruits

Pears - for the best six varieties, to John McLaughlin, gr. to I. B Baxter. Apples - for the best six varieties, to Mark Bartleson.

And the Committee noticed with approbation, specimens of a Pear, presented by Robert Buist, the Doyenne d'Alencon, a choice variety. Also, a Grape called Wyman's Seedling, from Joseph Breck, Mass.; large in size, and soft in the pulp, but too far advanced to judge correctly .of its excellence, but from the saccharine Juice, suppose it good.

By The Committe On Vegetables

For the best display by a market gardener, to A. L. Felten. For the second best display by an amateur gardener, to Mark Hill. Special premium of two dollars, for three bunches of Asparagus, to William Bright, gr. to Joseph Lovering.

The Library Committee submitted their annual report. An appropriation of three hundred dollars was made for the increase of the Library.

The Committee for establishing premiums, reported a schedule for the year 1856, which, after amendment, was adopted.

Two gentlemen were elected members.

Objects Exhibited

Plants by Thomas Robertson - twelve plants: Zygopetalum Mackayi, Plumbago rosea, Linum trigynum, Primula sinensis purp-plena, P. albo-plena, Poinsettia pul-cherrima, Begonia incarnata, Cypripedium insigne, Pentas cornea, Correa ne plus ultra, Cen-tradenia floribunda, Daphne indica rubra. Specimen - Correa Brilliant. New plants - Aphel-andra aurantiaca, Cytisus onospermum, Thyrsicanthus rutilans.

By Robert Buist - twelve plants: Begonia incarnata, Linum trigynum, Correa multiflora rubra, C. speciosa ventricosa, Tropeolum Lily Schmidt, Luculea gratissima, Epacris Waltonii, Primula sinensis rubro-plena, Camellia, Mrs. Cope, Daphne indica rubra, Veronica Andersonii, Pitcarnea bractea rubra; 12 correas, Larpentaa, Magnifica, Linguiforme, ne plus ultra, delicata, Speciosa ventricosa, S. grandis, bicolor, Picta superba, speciosa, Farrissii and Turgida. New Plant - Aphelandra grandis.

By John Pollock - twelve plants: Torrenia Asiatica, Correa grandfflora, Begonia cameo, B. Laperousii, Cuphea platycentra, Eptphyllum truncatum, E. violaceum, Jasminum hirsutum, J. grandiflorum, Gesneria oblongata, G. Leopoldii, Ageratum Mexicanum, New plants - Balsa-mina Hookeri, and Begonia LaperosiL

By Robert Eilvington - a very fine specimen of Cypripedium insigne.


By Barry Higgins, gr. for D. R. King; by Thomas Meghran, gr. to M. Bouvier.



By John Dick; by J. J. Habermehl, and by James Kent, gr. to B. F. Enorr, not in competition.


By Isaac B. Baxter - Pears: Beurre Rance, St. Germain, Broom Park, and Passe Colmar - and Apples, the Pittsburg Pippin from J. C. McCammon.

By Mark Bartleson, near Fallaton, Harford County, Maine - Apples, six varieties: the Bell Flower, Fallen Walder, Pennock, Vanderveer, Hayes, and Roman Stent.

By Robert Buist - Pears: a dish of the Doyenne d'Alencon.


By A. L. Felten - a very large and fine display. By Mark Hill, gr. to M. W. Baldwin - a small choice display. By William Bright, gr. to Joseph Lovering, three bunches of Asparagus.

Officers Of The Brooklyn Horticultural Society For 1856

President - Joint W. Degrauw. Vice-Presidents - Heeby A. Kent, WM C. Langley, Wm. S. Dunham, J. S. T. Stranahan, W. W. Crane Treasurer - A. J. S. Degrauw. Corresponding Secretary - Milton Arrowsurra. Recording Secretary - H. Brandeger. Executive Committee - Jwo. Maxwell, Ira Smith, H. A. Gbaef. Finance Committee - J. H. Lester, Jakes Park, James Haslehurst. Library Committee - M. L. Schaeffer, J. A. Nexsen, Walter Park. Premium Committee - J. R. Rauch, M. Brandesee, Jambs Weir, George Gauges, George Hamlyn. Committee on Fruits - James Weir, J. E. Rauch, Wm. Paynter. Committee on Plants and Flowers - George Gangee, M. Brandegee, F. Lane. Committee on Vegetables - -George Hamlyn, George Ibgram, Martin Collopy.

Milwaukee, December 20,1855. Editor Horticulturist. Dear Sir: The Annual Meeting of the Wisconsin Fruit Growers' Association was held at Whitewater on the 12th and 13th of December. The attendance was good, and the display of fruits interesting and attractive. The leading object of the Association is to determine, from the experience of its members, the fruits that are best adapted to our climate and soils. In respect to these, our situation is so different from that of horticulturists at the East that, while acknowledging the value of the information derived from them, we find that it will not do to be governed by it entirely. The discussions of our Association are conducted upon the plan of the Northwestern Fruit Growers' Convention, and by these, facts of great importance to the fruit growers of this State are elicited. They will be published about the 1st of February next. We shall be greatly obliged if kindred societies will send us their publications as they are issued. We are small yet - but we are growing! The following is the list of officers for 1856.

Tours, very truly, CHARLEs GIFFORD, Corresponding Secretary.

Officers Of Wisconein Fruit Growers' Association For 1856

President - Charles Gif-ford, of Milwaukee. Vice-Presidents - Cyrus Hawley, of Milwaukee; Abel Slocum, of Whitewater; H. T. Woodward, of Beloit Recording Secretary - Andrew Child, of Delafield. Corresponding Secretary - Charles Colby, of Janesville. Treasurer - R. W. Parker, of Milwaukee. Executive Committee - J. C Bbayton, of Altaian; H. J. Starin, of Whitewater; A. J. Harford, of Waukesha.